Unboxing: Jump Force Collector’s Edition

Unboxing: Jump Force Collector’s Edition

Before we proceed with the unboxing, I’d like to share my buyer’s experience with this super limited Jump Force Collector’s Edition:

3 days before Jump Force was launched, we were surprised why Datablitz and Gameone did not advertised any pre-order for Jump Force Collector’s Edition. The only store that advertised it 3 days before launch is Game Extreme. Come February 15, when Jump Force was out in the market, that’s the only time Datablitz and Gameone advertised Jump Force Collector’s Edition.

We thought, we avoided the hassle of running to the store, because we have already pre-ordered at Game Extreme. But the most unfortunate happened: Game Extreme sent a text message on that most awaited day informing us that their Collector’s Edition is out of stock.

We paid a downpayment, hoping we could secure our order, but Game Extreme told us there was misinformation. They said when we pre-ordered, there were really no stock available already but they forgot to double check.

We demand for refund, and out of despair, I hurriedly called via phone, Datablitz and Gameone but they both said that the Jump Force Collector’s Edition is out of stock.

Just to confirm, I went to Datablitz store and..

Luck is still on my side! I found one stock of Jump Force Collector’s Edition! Thanks Datablitz!

With said experience, we felt mix of misinformation, deceit, and anger. We’ve been waiting for this pre-order since 2018, and it’s the first time in a game and in a toy figure were we were excited to wait even this long.

We were tempted to pre-order via Amazon and Bandai Namco, but we’re scared that the box would not be delivered on time.

Hopefully, on our next most awaited game, World Seeker, the said stores won’t disappoint us again.

Here’s how the box looks. When we bought it, there were already minor damage on the side of the box. But hey, if there are only 1-3 stocks of Jump Force Collector’s Edition per store, then that minor damage on the side of the box is not a problem!

front side
back side


right side
right side
left side
left side

Jump Force Collector’s Edition includes the following:

  • Deluxe Edition Full Game
  • In-Game Content
    • Season Pass
      • 9 Playable Characters
      • Avatar T-shirt
      • DLC Early Access (4 days)
    • Day 1 Purchase Bonus
      • Lobby Vehicle – Frieza’ Small Pod
      • Exclusive Avatar Costumes – 3 Tops
        • Frieza Force Battle Armor
        • Pirate Coat
        • Fourth Hokage Mantle
      • Weekly Shonen JUMP T-shirts
  • Steelbook
  • 3 Artboards of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku
  • Exclusive Diorama of Naruto, Luffy and Goku


When you open the box, here’s what you will see first

Jump Force Deluxe Edition Full Game

front side
back side


In-Game Content

Inside the case, you’ll see the code for your In-Game content



Front and Back of Steelbook
closer look of front side
closer look of back side


inside Steelbook


The casing is considered collector’s item for us too

3 Artboards of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku

These beautiful artwork of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku should be handled with care!

Unboxing the Exclusive Diorama of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku

Inside the box, is another pretty sturdy box for the Diorama
front side
back side


right side
left side
with plastic mold, and another plastic clothed on top of the figure, do remove it carefully as there are soft, small, and thin pieces of the sculpture,
First clear look of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku, and the stunning Jump Force base!




Enter a caption


We just appreciate this Diorama base in all its angle

Naruto Shadow Clone Jutsu


Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan Goku


One Piece Monkey D. Luffy

Jump Force Collector’s Edition’s now all unboxed, and we’re ready to play this most awaited PS4 Game of 2019

IMG_3257 (2)

Read Trip Jem’s Jump Force Game Review soon in this blog.

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Grab PH Valentines Day Surprise in the middle of our Finance Seminar!

Grab PH Valentines Day Surprise in the middle of our Finance Seminar!

We were on a few last slides of our speaker’s fixed income discussion, when Grab Pay invaded ACI-Mart Training Room, and surprised us, particularly one of my girl classmate. Grab Pay has this Valentines Day paandar, were in a guy would surprise one lucky grab pay customers with teddy bear and some hugot lines!m

Forgot to record him when he said his hugot line: Ice ka ba? Kasi crush kita!

Btw, here are pics of our seminar on Building Blocks of Fixed Income Strategies.

One day I’d like this blog to be a source of financial information (especially on financial management), as well as health (especially on diet, scoliosis and stroke therapy).

Sharing is caring, right?

Let’s only bring positive good vibes. Thanks for reading!

Cheesy Creamy Baked Mac

Cheesy Creamy Baked Mac

Trip Jem made Baked Mac for the first time and it’s a creamy cheesy sweet success. Following Panlasang Pinoy recipe, we were able to satisfy our cravings instantly! Read more about food story here.

During Sunday weekend, I had a long nap which made me skip a lunch meal. Did it also occur to you, that whenever you skip a meal or break a fast, your hunger pangs worsen and you tend to follow your cravings? My cravings then was something creamy and cheesy! and there, Baked Mac came to mind all of a sudden!

The problem is I only have a few hours left preparation before dinner time then. I know I could do it myself but I couldn’t do it fast!! I needed the help of Jemboy’s sister Johanna. I found her knack in budgeting, multitasking, and instinct in cooking quite helpful. And it’s not bad to follow the recipe step-by-step but when there’s a dire need to tweak it, I needed one’s second opinion too.

Here’s a picture of our grocery cart. Disregard the red onion as it’s not included in the recipe.


See below the ingredients list and recipe by Panlasang Pinoy:


  • 1 lb. macaroni
  • ¾ cup shredded cheddar cheese

Tomato meat sauce

  • 1 lb. ground beef
  • 1 Knorr beef cube
  • 1 small red bell pepper chopped
  • 1 small green bell pepper chopped
  • 1 small yellow onion cubed
  • 3 cloves garlic crushed and chopped
  • 1 lb. tomato sauce
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil

White sauce

  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 ¾ cups fresh milk
  • ½ cup quick melt cheese


  • Cook the pasta according to package instructions. Set aside.
  • Cook the tomato meat sauce by heating oil in a pot.
  • Sauté the garlic, onion, and bell pepper for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Add the ground beef. Continue to cook until it browns.
  • Add the Knorr Beef Cube. Stir.
  • Pour the tomato sauce in the cooking pot. Stir and let boil.
  • Sprinkle some salt and ground black pepper. Continue to cook for 5 minutes. Set aside.
  • Prepare the white sauce by melting the butter in a pot.
  • Add the all-purpose flour. Stir until the flour absorbs the butter and lumps are formed.
  • Pour the milk in the cooking pot. Continuously stir the mixture while heating the milk until the flour dilutes completely. You can use a wire whisk while mixing to make the texture smooth (be careful with the Teflon pot though, if you are using one).
  • Add the quick melt cheese. Continue to stir until the cheese completely melts and is well blended with the mixture. Turn the heat off.
  • Arrange the macaroni in a mixing bowl. Pour the tomato meat sauce in and then mix well. Add a few tablespoons of the white sauce in the bowl along with some shredded cheddar cheese. Mix well.
  • Arrange the macaroni mixture on a baking pan. Top with remaining white sauce. Make sure to spread the sauce all over to cover the top.
  • Preheat oven to 375F. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven. Serve.

We did the following tweaks though:

  • While we work on our groceries, I chat my friend Nica for advice. She cooks good Baked Mac and she advice me to change our tomato sauce to spaghetti sauce, so that it’s less sour and more sweet. Instead of picking the spaghetti sauce though, we pick the tomato sauce Filipino style, thinking it’s the same banana.  But no, when we cook the red sauce, I still found the Filipino style tomato sauce quite sour and concentrated for my liking. So we tweak it adding small amounts of water and two tablespoon brown sugar.
  • On the other hand, what we did with the white sauce is we sliced one pack of butter in almost half and melted it in a pan. We add in small amounts of flour so the butter wouldn’t burn easily. Then we add in Anchor fresh whole milk. Little by little we add in flour again. Then followed by one pack of Eden cheese sliced into 6 pieces. We add in half pack cheese more, but I found that the more cheese you include, the more gooey the texture, and the more milk you include, the more creamy the texture. I also found that adding more milk gives off that creamy savory aroma. If you finally sniff that aroma, then you know you’re on the right track with your white sauce.

It’s so yummy!! Our family and friends love it too!

There’s another sweet, creamy and savory dish that I want to try next time, and it’s a version of Angel’s Pizza’s Lasagna. Hope I could blog about it soon.

My note-to-self:  Food delivery, take out, or dine in is a lot easier than cooking it yourself, but we couldn’t be dependent on others’ skill and services all the time. You have to be self-sufficient at times and have mastery on that particular life skill. Enough of all the series marathon on Master Chef Australia, Food Network, Food Wars, Toriko. And let’s get cooking!

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Ramen Kuroda : Barikara, their spiciest!

Ramen Kuroda : Barikara, their spiciest!

Aka Ramen as featured in this picture, is my go to spicy ramen in Ramen Kuroda but there’s a new, spicier version of it called: Barikara. See how it looks and read more about it here.

Before we jump to  Barikara. Let me introduced you Aka Ramen as pictured above. This order of Aka Ramen already includes one half egg, and one pork slice but you may request for additional add-ons, like what I did.

When I eat the noodles, what I do is before every slurp, I swish the noodles thoroughly in the soup so the flavor holds to the noodle. I tried other ramen in other restaurants, and the letdown there is, the sauce doesn’t hold to the noodle.

There’s a lot of soup in one ramen bowl, and you could request for extra noodles for your ramen satisfaction.

I remember Ramen Kuroda had unlimited noodle promo, way back. I wonder, when will they introduced that back again.

IMG_3175 (2).JPG

My Trafalgar Law-looking Jemboy tried their newest ramen: Barikara Ramen. It was their spiciest ramen ( more spicy than Aka Ramen) When that order came, it went with a small cup of chili oil. But, I think there’s no need for that as the soup is quite spicy already. There’s a hint of garlic flavor, and there’s already chili oil infused in the soup.


Jemboy find the noodles’ texture a little hard for his liking. But he enjoyed the spiciness of the soup. He was comparing it to a chili oil he was craving way back. He tasted my Aka Ramen and he couldn’t tell the spicy flavor of it anymore, as Barikara already exceeds it.

I still love my Aka Ramen as I am not particularly fond of even just a hint garlic flavor in my ramen.


For our other side order, look at this beautiful Salmon Sashimi on a bed of thinly sliced radish and cucumber. Take note that to preserve the freshness of the Salmon Sashimi, Ramen Kuroda doesn’t allow takeouts for their sashimi.

That’s it for our Ramen Kuroda experience.

Thanks for reading!!

Elait’s Rolled Icecream!

Elait’s Rolled Icecream!

This icecream shop serves rolled icecream with toppings ranging from fruits to even toasted marshmallows and cheese! But there’s one thing I found out about Elait, icecream shop that captivated my heart. Find out here.

I love marshmallows in my shake, and in my icecream too. I love chewing this bouncy fluffy texture in my mouth. But toasting it and partnering it with cheese and Elait’s gray colored icecream is heaven in my mouth! If you’re curious of the color, well it’s color gray because it’s made of activated coco charcoal. It’s flavor is sweet and earthy and I love that there’s chunks of marshmallows blended to the icecream too.  If you are picky about your milk or dairy, you could choose either custard or yogurt for all their icecream.


My friend Pam enjoyed her Strawberry Mango Cheesecake too!!!

She was the one who recommended this shop to me. But more than the icecream, she shared to me that the Elait staff in SM San Lazaro does not speak and only use sign language. I learned that Elait partnered with our dear brothers and sisters who are deaf.


Before Pam invited me to this icecream shop, we had this conversation:

Pam: Jem, do you want to learn sign language?

Jem: Why Pam?

Pam: It just came to mind Jem.

Then we went to Elait ice cream shop, and that’s when she revealed her real reason to learning sign language. Pam’s heart got captivated and she brought me to a sudden realization.

During elementary days, I was told to memorize the alphabet of sign language. We have that in our student handbook/diary. That time, I was young then, and I couldn’t appreciate having to learn sign language ‘cos for me there’s no use to it back then.

But now, I realized that learning it is a gift. To be able to communicate to our deaf brothers and sisters, and see them work in this awesome jobs, I felt blessed to live in this inclusive society. Thanks Elait!

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Ottogi’s Instant Tteokbokki

Ottogi’s Instant Tteokbokki

There is this little Korean grocery in Malate for all your korean cravings: instant ramen noodles, meat for your Samgyeupsal, Kimchi, desserts, drinks, seasonings, seaweed, snacks, tea, coffee. They even sell portable butane gas stove here!

Recently, my officemate and closest friend Nica, discovered that Ottogi’s Tteokbokki is available there too. See how it looks when it’s cooked!

First, we boil the Tteokbokki pieces until soft and chewy looking, and then we add in the sauce also included in the pack. After that we drain the water, just leaving small amounts, about half a thumb level or less.

Johanna, Jemboy’s sister decided to add in Pancit Canton noodles. If you are wondering whether there’s also a version of Ottogi’s Tteokbokki with noodles too? Yes there is!


My only concern with this is Tteokbokki pieces were already pre-cut and it’s quite small. I wanted it cut a little longer so it stays in my chopsticks a little longer too. I enjoy biting and dipping it to the sauce a few times, and then proceed to another piece. Other than that, it’s yum for our koreancrazed taste buds!

Nica who formerly worked at a Korean bank, shared that the “B” in Tteokbokki is pronounced by Koreans as “P” Thanks Nica for the tip! She also bought one pack for her and his husband Jeff. She shared though that they found it quite spicy but still enjoyable. In our case, we didn’t it find it that spicy, because good thing Johanna dilute the remaining of the sauce in a little water. Thanks Johanna for cooking the instant Tteokbokki.

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Johanna’s Yummy Treats!

Johanna’s Yummy Treats!

Johanna, Jemboy’s sister just got this sudden idea of baking and you know what’s great about it, she let us into this yummy treat. Featuring her choco crinkles, and a glimpse of her banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. This food activity reminded me of our mini cupcake activity with Mara and Mathe way way back!

She’s not just a Psychometrician, she’s our future baker? pastry chef?

One time, I went with her in a little shop full of baking ingredients and tools for the choco crinkles recipe. The shop is located near Cainta Market.

We initially went to SM Hypermarket but the only available cocoa powder are Hersheys and Goya Brand. It’s quite pricey for the size plus she particularly needeed a dutch processed cocoa powder as advised by the Youtuber who posted the choco crinkles recipe.

So off we went at that little shop. While Johanna and her parents were busy looking around, I was eyeing those heart shaped pan for sale on that little baking shop. This February, we were planning to bake a chocolate cake heart shaped for valentines day! I am sure Jemboy would love a chocolate that’s perfectly and deliciously baked.

Going back to chocolate crinkles. Here’s the recipe by Youtuber Crouton Crackerjacks that promises “crunchy on the outside, fudgy on the inside, chocolaty crinkle cookies!!


1/2 cup (60g) unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup (60ml) vegetable oil
2 large eggs
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 cup (125g) all-purpose (or plain) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup powdered sugar (for rolling dough in)

In a large bowl combine sugar and cocoa powder. Add in vegetable oil and mix until evenly moistened. Add in eggs and vanilla and beat for 30 seconds. Add in flour, baking powder and salt. Stir just to incorporate dry and wet ingredients. Do not over mix! Cover and chill dough at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. When chilled, roll dough into 1″ balls and coat in powdered sugar. Put onto a silicone baking mat (or parchment) lines baking sheet. Flatten ever so slightly and bake in a preheated 350*F (180*C) oven for 10-12 minutes or until just set. Let cool on baking sheet before removing. Makes about 18 (3″) cookies.

As her ala sous pastry chef, I let Johanna command me with the baking preparation.

Sifting all the dried ingredients reminded me of our baking lesson way back my high school days. Ms. Reyes my teacher (my fave too!) back then would remind us to sift all dry ingredients first to avoid clumps, and to not push down too much dry ingredients inside the measuring cup. After sifting, that’s the time we measure again. It has to be exact in measurement as our teacher could taste the difference.

With our choco crinkles though, the sweeter and chocolatier, the better! Johanna tweak the recipe adding more cocoa powder and using brown sugar instead. I agree and didn’t hesitate even one bit!

At first, I thought after preparing the dough, we could now roll it and bake it in the oven pronto!, but NO, we need to be patient and wait at least 4 hours cool time. As per recipe, max is overnight cool time, but I couldn’t wait that longer.

4 hours passed by and Johanna had her scooper ready. It was hard to scoop using it though so we decided to scoop the dough using two teaspoons, but actually Johanna end up using her hands which was actually the better alternative. We roll it in a bed full of powdered sugar. And voila! we put it in the oven for 11 minutes baking time.


Aside from Choco Crinkles, she made Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Bread too. Yum!


*All three food pics thanks to Johanna

Baking or cooking or any food activity is one great opportunity to bond with your loved ones. This baking activity reminded me of the time when we prepared and decorate mini cupcakes for my Jemboy then, which was made possible with the greatest help of my closest friends Mara and Mathe! I miss you girls!


It’s so nice to be young (wild and free? hehe) What I mean is, before, I’ve got a lot of ideas and to-do list like this up my sleeve, but now, maybe priorities change and activities like this came to mind less often. But thanks to Johanna for bringing this good feeling back and for inspiring me!:)

Thanks for reading!