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What to draw next?
Yesterday, I wanted to draw and blog
But I prioritize sleeping and exercise
I exercise at night yesterday, and I felt my energy at its lowest. But the good kind of exhaustion, knocking myself to some beauty sleep Today, I weigh myself and my weight’s from 59.0 to 58.6 kgs. Good job girl! Keep exercising. Don’t stop like what you did a few months back, you’ll be just going circles when you stop again!


Gameplay: Kakarot

Advertisements Trip Jem completed playing the Kakarot PS4 game, and sharing with you our livestream gaming of each parts below! PS4 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot “Stop the Saiyan Invasion” Trip Jem Live Broadcast Gameplay Part 1 PS4 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot “Stop the Saiyan Invasion” Trip Jem Live Broadcast Gameplay Part 2 PS4 Dragon Ball […]


J. CO Donuts : J-Pops

Advertisements If we are friends on facebook, you’ll know that I keep on posting how much I love Master Chef Australia! Now there’s this one episode that caught my attention because of how cute and colorful they spread this little cubes on the long table. It’s a blind taste test challenge of Season 12 Episode […]


Ottogi’s Instant Tteokbokki

There is this little Korean grocery in Malate for all your korean cravings: instant ramen noodles, meat for your Samgyeupsal, Kimchi, desserts, drinks, seasonings, seaweed, snacks, tea, coffee. They even sell portable butane gas stove here!
Recently, my officemate and closest friend Nica, discovered that Ottogi’s Tteokbokki is available there too. See how it looks when it’s cooked!


Spray paint your Zoids or Gundam for a matte or gloss finish + Invest in Ultimate Godhand Nipper and Glass Case

Joseph and I have been constantly building and collecting plastic model kits since 2015.
There’s a different kind of joy in having to cut each plastic model kit pieces, build it part by part (head, bust, legs, arms) following the model kit manual, and see it unfold into awesome, cool display figures in the form of mecha or mobile robots such as gundam or zoids.
You could cut then build your model kits and you’re done, but if you wanted to go into much detail, you could spray paint or coat it first.
Check out how we do it!