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Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Christmas season for some may mean celebrating grand like hotel staycation or an out of town trip,

So, I have to prepare…

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Naahh… I’d rather watch a movie in cinemas this Christmas 2017.

I remember the last time I watched in cinemas with my parents was way back 2004. The film we watched then was Passion of the Christ.

After 13 years, we finally have our family movie date again! That for me is already merry and meaningful.

Since I am an avid fan of Coco Martin tv series Ang Probinsyano, I chose his Ang Panday movie for our family movie date.

If you asked why I am a fan. Well, I grew up in an era of 90’s Filipino comedy movie of Vic Sotto, Dolphy, FPJ, and his humor and acting style reminded me of that. Plus, most of Coco Martin’s role pay tribute to soldiers and policemen. That reminded me of my mom and dad who were both retired police officers and who both served the military as well.

Ang Panday. Now showing in cinemas nationwide Yay! Ticket price is P260.00 while P208.00 for senior citizen because of the 20% discount. Nay! During my high school and college days, movie ticket was just P100-150. Jollibee nalang ata ang mura ngayon.

Anyway, we arrived in SM San Lazaro at 10 AM. We got the first schedule at 10:10AM. Not much queue yet that time. It pays to be on time. But it’s better to be early. We got the tickets but our cinema is on the other side of the mall, so we hurried a little bit.

I bought some snacks for us too: 4 hamburger, 4 popcorn, and 4 soda. Thanks to the staff at snack time who prepared the food as fast as they could.

The challenge is going inside the cinema. My dad finds it hard to walk due to history of stroke and paralysis so we always have wheelchair ready. But we can’t find wheelchair / pwd area inside. No worries though! My dad managed to go upstairs! I make sure I brought with me two flashlights too!

At that point though I prayed for a second, I do not trip over my feet as I have poorer vision than normal in dark rooms.

Cinemas now have “One time showing” and “Guaranteed Seating” unlike before. I remember when I watched Lastikman when I was a little kid and oh boy, it’s as if you are in LRT 1, all jampacked! A lot of viewers were standing cos there were no more seats available and since that was the case then, one could stay for the next full show or until the last full show kahit matulog ka na dun!

While watching Ang Panday, I am unsure if it is the screen or my vision was just blurry but I wanted the screen to be larger and more friendly for viewers with eye problem. I asked my parents a few times if they saw the screen clearly and they got the same problem as mine too.

Too bad our snack tastes so-so especially the burger I ordered at Snack Time. Hope they’ll improve the patty the next time I order.

Speaking of burger, I hope Zark’s burger is in the cinema area of SM San Lazaro. Currently, it is located at the lower ground floor, while cinema area is at the 3rd floor. They have meal sets exclusive for cinema goers in other malls so hoping they do it in SM San Lazaro too. My dad loves Zark’s Classic, btw!

The movie Ang Panday has that Ang Probinsyano feels with almost the same cast appearance. Its animation is surprisingly eye candy. I like that they feature the streets of Tondo, Santo Nino church, and streets of Mabini and Malate. I like the run -sa- bubong stunts and slow-mo fight scenes. I bet Bong Revilla hate to miss the cameo role because he is the original Ang Panday. I could not forget how Coco Martin pronounce “take care” cos he sounded funny. I saw the Joker image in Lizardo who speak slang but suit the role perfectly.

Movie done.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

After that, we ate at our all-time fave Chinese restaurant Hap Chan.

While waiting for our food. Look at our view. Long queue at the cinemas! Hassle to those who have 1pm film schedule and onwards. Lucky, we got the 10am sched!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our usual orders in Hap Chan are: Mixed Meat Canton, Lumpiang Shanghai, Beef Broccoli, Fried Chicken, Yang Chow Fried Rice and 2 orders of my fave Hakaw!!!

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

I learned from this poster that 2018 is Year of the Dog. I am born in 1994. So next year is my year! Can’t wait for fengshui updates and new year forecast news on TV and social media.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

I miss the time when I hang my socks the night before Christmas at our third-floor terrace and then waking up to Santa Claus presents!

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

While we celebrated Christmas on the morning of Dec 25th, Joseph celebrated with his family on the night of Dec 24th, the Christmas Eve.

In the meantime…

Joseph felt that nothing beats the happiness and blessing they received in celebrating this occasion.

As part of their Christmas celebration, they beautifully wrap their gifts and display it under their equally beautiful Christmas tree.

Joseph gave me hints that they love to give gifts that are practical and useful.

In the afternoon of December 24th, they started to pack their gifts at the back of their car.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

While at the garage, Joseph remembered something. He then walked to their neighbor’s house, knocked, and called his Godfather.

When his Godfather went out, Joseph showed his respect and said his “mano po.” He then greeted him a Merry Christmas. This may be usual, but even with my parents and other people, Joseph is consistent with his courteous, polite, respectful gesture. My heart always melts.

I took a picture of them. Stick together. Turn sideways. Breathe in. SMILE…

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

I could not go with them though as I am celebrating Christmas with my parents. So, from their house in Cainta, they dropped me off at LRT Santolan.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Then off they go to their province in San Simon Pampanga…

Joseph shared that in San Simon, the best moments do not require fancy celebration.

What is important is they are having fun and they’re tummy is full with yummy food.

While in San Simon, Joseph’s family is greeted by their relatives.

They then enjoy the night with games for kids!

To boost the kids’ spirit, winners will receive a whooping 50-peso bill while losers will receive a very crisp 20-peso bill.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Adults are very much happy to play este watch and cheer for the kids.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Next game’s cash prize began to level up at P100. But there’s a catch as the game requires blindfolding!

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

I wonder what these kids and teens are saving up for with all these prizes and aguinaldos they received.

I also wonder what happened to the thousands of aguinaldos I got when I was a kid, and where I spent them.

After the games, here comes raffle. So basically, all gifts are numbered. Then each person would pick a small piece of paper in the draw lots. If for example, what is written is number 6, he will pick gift number 6. Everyone is a winner here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember that it is always the thought that counts. Seeing wrapped gifts or any kind of gifts, no matter how big or small, bring a smile to anyone. That itself is already a blessing.

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

But wait, here comes the most awaited part of the evening.

Noche Buena time!

Joseph told that me that they got Samgyeupsal for their Noche Buena. He especially mentioned that because I love Samgyeupsal!

Our Simple Christmas Celebration at its Best

Some plates though were empty it can’t wait for the photoshoot. Haha! Joseph said that the food is so good, everyone craves for it and people were already eating even before the games had started.

After the event, everyone left with a smile in their hearts plus a bonus bloated belly!

I am blessed to know Joseph’s family and witness their faith in God, their regular Sunday mass visit, their daily rosary every night, his dad’s daily morning prayer and bible reflection.

That is why it is no surprise that they make Christmas extra special.

Happy Holidays!

’til next time,

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