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Tech Haul at Greenhills, December 2017

We often shop at Greenhills Mall to satisfy our gaming/ hobby needs. We like that our go-to shops are all in there: Datablitz or GameonePH for our gaming console, Wasabi Toys for our Bandai Gundam Kits, Great Toys for our anime figures, Henry’s or Digital Walker for our camera, the DIY shop for various stuff.

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

Even up to this internet generation, there is still joy in going to physical stores. You get to shop, do road trip on your way to the shop, walk around the mall as a form of exercise, eat after, then you go home with lots of goodies aside from what you intend to buy. Ooops!

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

Greenhills Mall opens at 10AM but we arrived 30 minutes earlier because it is difficult to find available parking slots when you arrived at exactly 10 or later than opening.

Since that applies to not just Greenhills Mall, but malls all over Metro Manila, it is necessary that with every road trip we ready our phone or car with Google Maps, as it gives direction, checks real time traffic, gives helpful alternative route, and gives estimated time of arrival. It just brightens our day when we get to avoid traffic simply by using Google Maps.

After 30 min. of waiting, Greenhills V-Mall open and we were starving! We wanted to eat at Racks, but we must walk a few meters more, so we settle at the nearby food court and bought Shawarma Rice.

It is quite salty and garlicy but just enough to fill our tummy with carbs for energy, as there are lots of walking and canvassing around Greenhills Mall.

One thing I observed while we were eating in the food court is, food stalls were not yet ready to take your order until like half an hour? I think they should be ready taking orders by 10am not later than that. Good thing the food stall crew where we bought our Shawarma Rice looked delighted and ready to serve.

Think of diabetics who need to eat on time. Think of commuters and shoppers who have not have had breakfast or taken the long route.

This make us realize how tardiness and attitude affects others and the business.

We were guilty with this bad habit also and thought of lots of excuses such as lack of sleep, caught on traffic, have multiple priorities on top of the job.

That is why it is helpful that at the end of the day or early in the morning, we reflect or pray or journal what has happened and think about what you really wanted in life and how we have to act, or we react to situations.

Back to shopping!

First stop: Henry’s Camera.

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

Joseph was in always in awe with the quality of vlogs of Roman Atwood, and he learned that the youtuber was using Canon G7X Mark II to shoot some of his videos. To check other reviews, we searched more YouTube videos comparing that camera to the latest version of Canon and even with other brands, the quality of pictures and videos taken by Canon G7X Mark II wins despite it not being the latest model. It was released in 2016.

We bought the camera at PHP 32,398.20. Sad that for the price, there is no SD card included.

For more details about PowerShot G7 X Mark II:

Second stop: Datablitz

Got this one unboxed already as we were excited to insert it in our new camera.

Henry’s camera priced their SD card if we remembered correctly at around 3-5k so we went at Datablitz to purchase SanDisk Ultra 64gb SD card for lower price. We were supposed to buy SanDisk Ultra plus with 80 MB/s as it is faster, but it is not available so we settle at 40mb/s SanDisk Ultra priced at PHP 1,335.00

Around January 2017, we were contemplating whether we would purchase either PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Back then we chose PS4 because Nintendo Switch was just newly launched and has only released a few games.

Fast forward to December 2017, we finally bought Nintendo Switch. Perfect timing because there is a Super Mario Odyssey Bundle which is priced at PHP 22,995.00 in Datablitz. Cheaper than GameonePH as it is priced there at PHP 24,995.00.

We got two games for our Nintendo Switch:

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

  • Super Mario Odyssey (that is bundled with the Nintendo Switch console and other accessories)

For more details about PowerShot G7 X Mark II:

Unboxing: Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (priced at PHP 2,795.00)

Excited to play and post another blog about Nintendo Switch soon!!!

But for the mean time, on to our third stop: Digital Walker

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

We bought there a tripod by MEFOTO priced at PHP 4,990.00

For more details about Mefoto Bakpacker Air:

We like the color a lot! You will see it on a separate blog post. It is color orange! When the staff demo how to use it in multiple ways, that is when we thought that the tripod is quite sturdy. Perfect! We cannot wait to bring it to our future travels!

I remember when we went to our first couple trip at Tokyo Japan. Although we were good to go with our travel selfies, we wanted to have at least one proper travel photo together.

Then there was one foreigner who suddenly approached us and gladly took a picture of us.

But it is not all the time that we meet people like her or it’s not even proper to ask other strangers to take your pictures, so it would be a major help to have a tripod ready!

Suddenly, we thought of a new hobby: mini/ DIY photo booth!

Since we were already surrounded with camera accessories and excellent staff at Digital Walker Greenhills Mall, we asked for suggestions about LED camera lights. They suggested branded and unbranded but both priced at 5k. LED camera lights also needed a separate battery and adapter, so we decided to look for alternative.

Next and last stop: the DIY shop

As alternative, we bought two adjustable black lamps and two Philips oversized LED light bulbs. One black lamp costs PHP 599.75 while the bulb costs PHP 699.00.

Side trip:

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

We bought this at Daiso not in Greenhills Mall but at our side trip in Santa Lucia East Mall.

December Tech Hauls at Greenhills Mall

We bought this extension cord at DIY Shop while we bought this large scale of an iconic Mario at a ToyCon event in SM Megamall.

We are excited with our Photobooth that our minds are full of ideas already, from a regular photoshoot, miniatures, and even Diorama. Soon!!!

’til next time,

Thanks for Reading Trippers!

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