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Road Trip: Antipolo to Manila + Epalog Rizal Park, Yexel’s Museum and Tiendesitas

Are you planning to go on a Road Trip around Antipolo, Taytay, Makati, and Manila? Here I will share our little budget road trip and stopover experiences with my cousin and Barkada last Friday, January 05, 2018.


The one who took our groufie is my cousin Bemboy. He came all the way from Cagayan de Oro and spent travel time by plane to be able to visit us. I have learned that travel time from Cagayan de Oro to Manila takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by plane. If you wanted the longer route, you could take a RORO ship were in travel time takes about 44 hours! That’s almost 2 days, you can pretend you are one of Luffy’s crew in One Piece!

To make our Friday road trip more fun, I invited two of my high school best friends Bren and Poy.

LUNCH Food Trip: Epalog! Our barkada’s all-time favorite food! If you are from Taytay, or you studied in Siena College Taytay during your high school days, you will surely know this famous street food!

Did you see that gallon of vinegar at the center table? We generously fill up our bowl with that vinegar, cut the boiled chicken egg in half or any way you want it, just so, the vinegar would soak up the egg and that thick orange breading, and then add in chopped cucumber. You may see similar street food like this along Recto or streets and road sides around Metro Manila, but this J-La’s Epalog in Taytay, Rizal is the bomb! For its price of only 12 pesos, it is larger, its breading is thicker. Plus, you may opt to take out your order of Epalog and request for a plastic full of their yummy vinegar!


Before we went to Taytay, we stop over at Antipolo’s Cathedral to pray and light some candles. It is quite busy in Church areas here especially on weekends because Catholics even from nearby cities flock here as part of their Catholic devotion.

For tourists though, Rizal is famous for its Suman and Cashew Nuts. You could buy at Antipolo’s Pasalubong Center or opt to look for stores other than Pasalubong Center for cheaper prices. All are located near Antipolo Cathedral.

When you regularly go to Antipolo, you already have a specific store in mind for your pasalubong, but sadly, our store in mind was closed that day.

We did not waste our time so from Antipolo to Taytay, we went to Manila. Travel time on a Friday takes only less than an hour.

Bemboy shared that he wanted to recreate his childhood photos in this famous tourist spot in Manila, ♫ tentenenen, drumroll please ♫ the very famous Luneta Park!

The afternoon is the best time to go to Rizal Park to take photos.



From Rizal Park, you could walk a few meters more and capture this sunset along Manila Bay Area. Kudos to Poy for this impressive sunset pic!

Thank God there’s available seat where we could rest and talk…

and goof around…

…here in Yexel’s Museum!

More seats for the Kings! XD


and just lay down, sleep, or pretend dead, for the photo opportunity of course.

Glad that my friends and cousin are all game to pose for pictures!

But kudos to Bren who got that effortlessly funny pose among us!

I am dreaming of having the same toy collection at home!!

Yexel’s Museum is located inside Ocean Park Manila area. Ticket price is 250 pesos.

Come and visit their Facebook page:

For Manila Ocean Park, come and visit their Website:

Manila Ocean Park behind Quirino Grandstand Luneta Manila Philippines 1000



We saw this aquarium with mini sharks in it, as we were looking for the other exit of Manila Ocean Park from Yexel’s Museum.

Look how cool is that? Bicycle car glowing in the dark to light up the streets. We saw this one as we went out of Ocean Park area.


We got a glimpse of Luneta Park at night as we walked back to the parking area.

Before we went back to Cainta, we stopped by Makati to experience this Festival of Lights in Ayala Triangle. This lets you experience music and lights show as a celebration for the Christmas and New Year season.

DINNER Food Trip: Another orange colored Filipino food: Ilocos Empanada. We ate this at the food court in Tiendesitas.

Poy went earlier as he got other plans. While we stayed in Tiendesitas, and enjoyed the live band.


My cousin poses for our last stop, Tiendesitas.

That’s it for our road trip.

Invite your friends and family, and create yours also!

’til next time,

Thanks for Reading Trippers!

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