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High School Reunion & A Glimpse of Winford Manila

High School Reunion & A glimpse of Winford Manila


When you frequently visit SM San Lazaro, you will notice this new luxury hotel. Read on as I will show you a glimpse of Winford Manila.



What I initially saw as impressive in Winford Hotel is their elegant chandeliers.


Another is their sleek black elevator! I guess hotels all over Manila should really invest in that modern feel even with their elevators, especially now that people consider Staycation seriously.


Winford Manila has 40″ to about 55″ Samsung flat screen TV in each hotel room, perfect for that Korean drama marathon with your friends!


View of the swimming pool from the hotel room. I wonder how many laps can my friends complete here. I wonder if I could even reach 1 lap! XD Sorry for the crappy pictures, I forgot my canon camera but here are my friends’ camera to the rescue!


That is the lobby area of the Hotel. My high school best friends from left to right: Pam, Alegs, Vilma, Sheena, me, Mathe, and Mara. Surprisingly we saw a former schoolmate in Immaculate Conception Academy of Manila, who also works in that hotel. He was the one standing in red, and gladly took a picture of us. Credits and thanks to Pam for this pic.

For more info about Winford Manila, kindly check their website:

Address: San Lazaro Tourism & Business Park, MJC Drive, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Guest Services Hotline:
(02) 528-3600
For reservations, please contact:

For queries:


Since Winford Manila is just a few steps walk to SM San Lazaro, you have lots of dining options to go to. Here we spent our Christmas Celebration at Classic Savory. Thanks, Mara, for this food treat!!! Credits and thanks to Sheena for this pic and the pics below!


It started in high school when we saved up our allowance to buy each and all our friends, Christmas gifts, instead of the usual exchange gifts. Now we relive old memory, and we were planning to make this a yearly Christmas tradition.


Mathe rocking her signature lips while me, Pam, and Vilma were patiently waiting for our food.


Alegs & Sheena doing the peace sign, while Korean looking Mara doing the Korean heart sign.


Sheena & Vilma and their pretty faces <3


Pam slaying that top, skirt, and denim jacket outfit while she poses for a photo beside Winford Manila Christmas Tree. Pic by Pam.


Alegs introduced to us her super smart little cousin Gabe (super smart like Alegs, san pa ba magmamana diba?) Credits and super thanks to Tita Lynette Batencila, Alegs’ aunt, for this experience!

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