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Trip to Ticao Island Resort Day 2: Ticao Island Restaurant

A 14-hour ultimate road trip deserves a feast from this kubo-style restaurant in Ticao Island Resort. By feast, we mean ordering all that is neatly written in colored chalk at that menu board, but for starters check out our orders here:


That is Ate Leng, who was cheerfully waiting for us from the kubo-style counter of this restaurant.


Wine glass exudes formality in a dining experience. We were given complimentary drink, grape juice!


While we were waiting for our food, we were greeted by Grace who gave us an introduction of Ticao Island Resort and its activities.


If you noticed, we were the only customers inside the restaurant. That is because we went there on December 2017 and that month is a non-peak season or we went in a season of potential rain and inclement weather. Lucky for us, atleast, it was not raining cats and dogs back then.


Our view from the restaurant is the Ticao Island Beach!

What I noticed aside from the hefty servings of the food is the woven or banig-like placemats. Other restaurants do not bother adding placemats, but for me, it is important as it completes the table set up, especially disposable placemats which help preserve the cleanliness of the dining table.

Time for the food!


Tunalicious! Ang laki niyan! This grilled tuna, which is as big as the palm of my hands, only cost ₱250. This simple dish is perfect with rice or can go solo with soy sauce mixed with chili, calamansi, and onion.


Porkalicious! Ang laki rin nito! This seasoned grilled pork only costs ₱280. This could go with either soysauce or you could try vinegar with salt and garlic!


Chickenalicious! Siksik sa lasa! These chicken legs also costs ₱280. It does not need thicker breading to taste savory. They just add in lemon and some herbs and spices. Simple but still worth a try!


Chopseuyarap! Malasa! If lettuce or salad is the main vegetable course in other countries, Chopseuy is one of the main vegetable dish in the Philippines. This may only look like a bunch of chopped vegetables mixed together, but it should be cooked crunchy but tender, and cooked tasty that the flavor of the seasoning does not just cover the original flavor of the vegetables but should penetrate deep into each bite. For only ₱180, their Chopseuy have a different but yummy taste into it as it got Oyster sauce.


Pancitalicious! And dame neto! For only ₱150 this Bihon Guisado has a good amount of cabbage, carrots, green beans, and many more if you are not a fan of all-vegetable dish. The bihon guisado is also topped with some meat for your added protein needs!


Carbonalicious! Ang dameng sauce! For only ₱175, this carbonara is oozing with bechamel sauce. Sadly, we were so full with all the big portion sizes that we did not get to taste this dish, but try this one out! and feel free to  share your  Ticao Island Restaurant food experience in the comments below!

Check out our dinner time Food Trip!


It was dinner time, and we were all smiles to try another set of WORTH IT food dishes of Ticao Island Restaurant.

You see that green glass bottle that complements the wine glass? In our case though, it was only filled with water, but they got various local liquor in their menu for you to try!


This Cucumber Salad only cost ₱150. Combined with sliced tomatoes, this cucumber salad served as our appetizer. The salad’s vinegar with sugar generously mixed into it, will make you crave for more!


Another sweet and savory dish for the night, is this Sweet ‘n Sour Fish. For only ₱250, you could try a different version of Sweet ‘n Sour because it is beer battered. If you are particular with not too much beer flavor, then this dish is for you, as I am also particular with it, but I did not taste its beer flavor. What I ended up tasting is that umami flavor!


For only ₱280, this Beef Steak Tagalog  will fuel your tank!


For also ₱280, this Chicken Adobo will also fuel your tank! Both dishes may seem oily but that is where the flavor is, so do not leave that oily-savory part of the dish and put it on top of your rice!


This is not part of their menu, but this Sinigang is our special request to this restaurant! Due to cold weather, this hot and sour Sinigang Soup is all we needed to heat up our body and cleanse our palate.

Check out their menu!


More of Ticao Island Resort soon in this blog!

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’til next time,

Happy Food Trip!

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