Trip to Ticao Island Resort Day 2: Boat Ride from Donsol to Ticao Island + the Resort’s Beachfront Cabanas – Trip Jem

Trip to Ticao Island Resort Day 2: Boat Ride from Donsol to Ticao Island + the Resort’s Beachfront Cabanas

From Naga, we went on a 3-hour road trip to Donsol, Sorsogon, where a boat ride to Ticao Island Resort’s Beachfront Cabana, our home for 3 days, was waiting for us!


Dancalan Beach Resort, Sorsogon is our gateway to a 2-hour boat ride from Donsol to Ticao Island


We were informed by the staff from Donsol Eco Tour to park our car here inside Dancalan. Take note that we did not stay nor check in at Dancalan, it is just our entryway to the boatride.


Maricor from Donsol Eco Tour guided us to the beach front of Dancalan.


Maricor in red scarf pose for a pic with us.


Time to ride the boat!


The boat ride took about 2 1/2 hours. Though, the sea was a bit calm then, it is important that we wore this Aquamundo lifevest provided by Donsol Eco Tour.


We were nearing touchdown! Here we got a glimpse of numerous beachfront cabanas at Ticao Island Resort. A typhoon made a landfall from previous days here, so we also got a glimpse on the aftermath at the beachside.


This wooden signboard by Ticao Island Resort is picture perfect, and complements the green scenery around the resort


We were given keys for our Beach Front Cabana, comfort room and safety deposit box.


Check out the exterior of our home for 3 days in Ticao Island


This bahay kubo style of home would truly give you a province life experience. I remembered how I drew bahay kubo during my elementary days. There is always a triangle roof, a square body, and a three step ladder just like how it was pictured here. Now I experienced it the first time!


The front of the cabanas were covered that day with transparent canvas due to rain, but we could roll up the canvas once the rain had stopped


The cabana is just a few steps away from the beach!



View from the veranda where you could appreciate the beauty of the beach while eating your chips!



View of the front door and the ladder stairs. Be careful when you go up the steep ladder especially when carrying your belongings upstairs. Behind the ladder, you see that we were provided a safe deposit box, coffee, bottled water, and rack with hangers.


The exterior may look small but the interior is huge! Look at this huge bed! Actually it was just two single bed made like a king size.


There is an aircon and electric fan to boot! Maybe the summer really needed both of it but when we went there, it was December  2017 and it was cold so it is unnecessary to open the aircon and electricfan at the same time.


Picture of my sister Johanna with the room’s towel decoration


You may opt for this twin bed setup instead of the one pictured above



Here is the picture of the second floor were I stayed. I brought our laptop with me so that at night I could journal what has happened and I could also organized the photos we took for the day.



The CR is not as as fancy, but good that it is quite huge also for the Cabana and was maintained daily by Ate Baby.

Here is the room rates of Ticao Island Resort below:


More of Ticao Island Resort soon in this blog!


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’til next time!

Happy Vacation Trip!


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