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Mara’s Beauty Diary Blog Feature #1

Were you thinking of your makeup look on your first date night, thinking of joining an anime/cosplay event, or you just wanted to have that Korean inspired makeup look for your best Facebook/Instagram profile picture ever? Book your makeup and hair session now with Mara’s Beauty Diary

I felt “kilig” when my good friend, Mara wrote a beauty blog feature with my name, JEMARU, as the title!


It was just an impromptu photoshoot! I just asked her out of the blue to prettify me! And she did it effortlessly!


She did not just style my hair and makeup, she asked me to wear that little white dress, taught me how to angle myself in camera and even that long string of flowers did its feminine magic in her command!


Now it is time to feature my friend slash beauty blogger, Mara, in this blog.

All of a sudden, while writing this, I thought of her and Cosplay!

I grew up in an era of anime which inspires me and brings out my artistic senses. But Cosplay is anime and a variety of other things: modelling, costume design, photography, and makeup.

If you wanted to do Cosplay, yes you can do it by yourself, but it is worth the time to find someone you could trust and collaborate with!

Someone who could walk the talk! Practice what she preaches!

I mean, you wanted to have your makeup applied by someone who is a beauty inspiration: who is pretty, flawless, and rocks her own makeup best!


Someone like Mara!


She is as cute as your anime favorites and Korean favorites!


You should mark your calendar and collaborate with her for your future Cosplay or Beauty Makeover trip!


She is a fit inspiration!


Mara dances really well. Ever since our high school days, she amazed the whole school body with her Korean dance moves. Watch her on YouTube and be amazed by her gracefulness and swag!

She loves art as well as I do! I think makeup brands should have ads and items designed by her!

All photo credits to Mara. Thank you, Mara, for being a friend and an inspiration!

For more info about Mara, visit her blog at:
Mara’s Beauty Diary

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