Trip to Ticao Island Resort Day 3 & 4: Our Last Day at Ticao and More Food Trip


Even up to Day 4, Ticao Island Restaurant did not fail to amaze us with yummy food and worth it, “sulit” food that made this travel experience a food trip experience as well.

Look at this porkchop

And how big it is!

Look at this chicken barbecue and how you want to eat this, nevermind how messy the sauce would end up in your fingers

Look at this grilled fish…

..and how you want it paired best with coleslaw

Look at the menudo, cucumber salad, sinigang, and chopseuy and wonder why we repetitively order most of the food mentioned because it is just unforgettable

Look at this homemade dessert and how it was carefully scooped, like how it was carefully made to perfection.

I will not forget Ticao Island

Most especially the wonderful staff who guided us, served us food, maintained the area well, and made our memories in Ticao Island worthwhile.

We will surely go back at this resort and at this Cabana we called home.

Father greeted Ate at the front desk and thank her for our wonderful stay in Ticao Island Resort.

It was still raining from time to time on our last day there

But we hope these two couple traveller we just met on our Day 4 had a great time as well

Thats it for our Ticao Island Trip! And we were off to a 14-hour trip back home.

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’til next time!

Happy Vacation Trip!

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