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TGI Friday’s & The Bistro Group Card

Since TGI Fridays is in Robinsons Place Manila, and it is near my workplace, it is convenient for me to order at restaurants to satisfy my cravings.

I prefer to order take out more than dine in because imagine eating ribs by your hand, sitting comfortably in your room or dining table, while having your movie marathon!

That is the reason why I prefer takeout!

Plus, I don’t need to worry if the restaurant lacks space/ too cramped or if the tables and floors were cleaned properly.

Not well-maintained restaurant is pet peeve for me.

But one lunch time, I decided to dine in at TGI Fridays Robinsons Place Manila.


My OC instinct calmed down and I don’t need to inspect every nooks and crannies as the restaurant looks spaciously, well maintained.

I kept myself from ordering baby back ribs and decided to try out other eye pleasing food to check if it is also pleasing to the taste.


For drinks, I ordered hand pressed Mango Tango for P125. It is a combination of fresh mango, watermelon, pineapple, and orange.

First sip, I tasted pineapple first and then the mango chunks, and then came the burst of fruity flavors.

If given a choice, I’d prefer the watermelon slice in my glass than the pineapple slice. I did not eat the pineapple slice because I worry it tasted too sour and might upset my tongue, stomach and appetite.

I sip about one fourth of the cup. Just enough to have that acid which is helpful in digesting my lunch for the day.


Free appetizer was served! And my mindset as always is to eat everything that is on my plate.

That doesn’t apply on cold drinks because cold liquid settles a lot longer in the stomach making me feel full and preventing me from eating a lot!!

But with solid food, I can strategize my digestive storage and chew food into really tiny pieces.

With that, there is enough space for the next dish!

There were red and yellow chips in that appetizer but both were supposed to be eaten with that salsa dip. If you eat it without dip, you risk hurting your teeth.

The appetizing ingredient really is the cilantro. Its distinct taste lingers in the mouth. But like wasabi, I could not enjoy its distinct flavor. I tried. I gave these ingredients a chance with every taste, but maybe I haven’t tried a dish that makes wasabi and cilantro something to crave about.

I am still satisfied with my TGI Fridays appetizer because I always like salsa’s flavor with any chips. Though, a tiny bowl of salsa won’t do for me as I wanted the chips all soaked in salsa’s goodness.

Done with my appetizer.


For the main dish, look at that salmon laying comfortably in that bed of mashed potatoes.

You might think that the size of the salmon is not worth its price, but I beg to disagree.

It’s just that the quantity of mashed potatoes was of bigger serving as if you already got a cup of rice.

The picture made it appear that the salmon is just a thin slice but it’s actually thick, you won’t regret ordering this!

If you are not a big eater then this serving is enough for two. Price for Jack Daniel’s Salmon is P795. Invite your friend and split the bill!

But if you are like us whose appetite is always buffet-ready, then I see nothing wrong to splurge from time to time.

I like to eat this with spoon and fork as I am not comfortable using knife. Salmon is so soft and tender I think it is unnecessary to slice with a knife.

Also, I prefer eating a spoonful where I fill half of my spoon with mashed potato and the other half with the salmon, then dip the spoonful to the Jack Daniel sauce, and then start savoring how all three complement each other.

You may opt for garlic rice instead of mashed potatoes.

What I like with TGI Friday’s dishes was it was served hot. Even their plate was hot. Even the appetizer was hot at first.

Nothing is more unappetizing than main dishes served cold. Reserve cold food with drink and desserts, right?


Look at this Salted Caramel Cheesecake Dessert! I feel like I was spoiled with MasterChef Australia dishes by TGI Friday’s. Their presentation is on point!

What I do was I slice a small amount with my fork, and slide my slice of cheesecake around that black board so that the nuts and the caramel sauce would stick to my slice.

Yum! The cheesecake is thick! and my tongue like the texture of the nuts so much with the caramel sauce.

With P285, you could enjoy this dessert much better with your BFF! Don’t forget to take a stolen shot of your BFF loving this dessert so much with matching eyes closed!

Remembering this dessert, makes me want to hurry at TGI Friday’s and order for myself and loved ones!

But for convenience, how I wish, there is an online delivery, too!


But hooray! There is a discount card to ease our guilty pleasure! With that card, you could avail of 30 percent off on Mondays, and 20 percent off on Tuesdays to Sundays.


Aside from that, there are other discounts and vouchers, too. So, if you are craving for TGI Friday’s as much as I do, then this card is worth availing. The card is priced at P2,500 valid for one year.

There were a lot of restaurants by the Bistro Group where you could use your card. Our favorite Fish ‘n Co and Buffalo Wild Wings were part of the Bistro Group as well, so we couldn’t wait to have our next food trip with our Bistro Group Card.


With every dine in at Bistro Group restaurants, you have a single serve complimentary tea or coffee with your entrée purchase.


The Bistro Group Card is valid for one year. When I purchase the card, I got this free gift: lots of Chicken Fingers with lots of Fries on the side!
So, will I get this free gift next year too? I can’t wait!

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