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DIY Scratch Notebook + Art and Writing Hobby

During college days, my bag was always filled with handouts.

When next semester came, I treated those handouts as scratch papers already!

one of the best time of my life: college days!

Not that I forgot all learnings written in those handouts, but I learn easier when I rewrite my notes on paper instead of just highlighting and rereading.

When I rewrite, I wanted it written neatly, meaning, no erasures! But that’s the problem, New notebook is my enemy.

Do you have that temptation of buying a new notebook, and then when you start writing as carefully possible, that’s when you create more mistakes? You felt that new notebook went to waste with your ugly handwriting?

Fret no more as this is your solution to your notebook slash ugly hand writing problem!

Presenting my DIY Scratch Notebook,

Scratch Papers Unlimited Presents: Anong Pake mo Sa Notebook Ko?!



I made the front cover!

(English translate could be: Why the hell should you care about  my notebook?! Speech Bubble: what are you looking at?!)


And of course, the back cover too!


You could use this as your diary or planner!


Or your doodle notebook!

I made this notebook using Adobe Illustrator


First, I drew by hand (you may also use a graphics tablet) and then scan to PC


I then used the trace tool of Adobe Illustrator


Digital Art is so easy nowadays! I’d like to mention my good friend from FEU, Voltaire Gatchalian, who helped me with the final coloring of the scratch notebook. He is currently a Senior Print Graphic Designer.

Visit his Instagram:

During elementary and high school days, writing and art are my first love! I would write a story in script/dialogue form, handwritten in notebook, with my friends and classmates as the main character. Then, I would route the notebook to my friends and classmates. When they were done reading the chapter for the day, I’d start writing again. And then, they’d borrow again! I was so happy that they enjoyed reading it, that I’d complete a notebook full of stories. No need for internet nor Wattpad to satisfy our reading pleasure then!

But Manga, a japanese comicbook became part of my life that I started to explore my art skills.


I became Art President in High School were I started doing Stage Design during High School Event, Face Paint and Tattoo during High School Fair.


In college though, there were no Art specific club for frustrated artist like me, so I decided to join ORADEC- FEU’s Oratorical and Debate Chamber for a few months to sharpen my public speaking skills, as well, as contribute at least in writing. But that didn’t took so long, as my love for art kept on haunting me.



It was also in college, when I tried out Digital Art. This love letter maybe a great idea for your Valentines Day, don’t you think?


Now that I am working (for 3 years now), currently in LANDBANK’s Treasury. Not so art related, but this is the job and company I am so grateful for, because it gave me finance career, work life balance, and financial independence.


But with all that,

I still wanted to pursue my first love, and work on an art job as a side hustle. Because this I think will give me real happiness in life, career wise.

I bought a graphics tablet as starter which I would be blogging about very soon. And I couldn’t wait to explore more hi-tech, fast way of drawing and animating, which I will be glad to share with all you! Let’s draw, and make art together!

That’s it for now!

Happy Hobby Trip!


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