In one of our previous post, titled December 2017 Tech Haul @ Greenhills Mall,

we shared that we bought this Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle

Now we are going to show you what’s inside the box!

But before that, let us appreciate the box itself. Please don’t throw this box away and keep it. It is sturdy and you got a Super Mario Odyssey box design in vivid red color.

Thank you, Nintendo, for being so detailed even with the box design, we, Mario fans appreciated it a lot.

Almost of all text are in Japanese. We decided to scan the texts through our mobile phone, and translate using Google, from Japanese to English. It is so easy to translate these days.

We started with the Mario Odyssey game recently and we have already some of the pictures in the box. We couldn’t wait to blog about the game itself soon!

One last peek of the box and we are going inside!

First Layer


This is what you first see when you open the box.


Below the Nintendo Switch Main Frame are the stickers!

Nintendo Switch Main Frame


We got PS Vita before and I believe this Nintendo Switch screen is much bigger, especially when you attached the joy con at the side.


This is the back of the switch main frame. There is the stand but we rarely use this. Though I think it needs a stand on both sides to make sure, the switch is balanced.

I also think the Nintendo Switch is a little centimeter thick than PS Vita and quite heavy and bulky compare to the Vita.

Joy-Con (L) Red Controller and Joy-Con (R) Red Controller

The original Joy Con is neon red and blue. For this bundle, we got both red Joy Con. You could use this attached and detached on the screen.

Super Mario Odyssey 3 Original Stickers


We have not used these stickers but we were planning to stick this to the console.


Second Layer

Screen Protector

Inside the second layer is the Screen Protector of Nintendo Switch. That is the one in blue sheet.

Carrying Case

Another is this Carrying Case (Super Mario Odyssey Edition) We love that red geographical design. Don’t you agree?

The mini pocket in the middle is for your game card. It could store up to 5 game cards and other accessories. This is convenient when you travel long hours.

3rd Layer

The rest of the accessories and parts are located inside the 3rd layer

Nintendo Switch Software “Super Mario Odyssey”

Our most awaited game in Nintendo Switch! Look how small the game card of Nintendo Switch is.

Check out Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Trailer here:

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip

If you prefer the PS4 way of gaming, then you could this Joy-Con Grip.

Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Strap

We could not wait to purchase the soon to be available Nintendo Switch: Mario Tennis Aces with this Joy-Con Strap. I am sure you will sweat a lot and lose a lot of calories, playing that game!

Check out the trailer here:

Nintendo Switch Safety Guidelines

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Nintendo Switch High Speed HDMI Cable


Nintendo Switch Dock

This is the Nintendo Switch Dock where you will insert the Main Frame, for charging, connecting to the television, and for display purpose also.



To recap, here are Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle contents:

  • Nintendo Switch Main Frame
  • Joy-Con (L) Red Controller
  • Joy-Con (R) Red Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip
  • Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
  • Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Strap
  • Nintendo Switch High Speed HDMI Cable
  • Nintendo Switch Safety Guidelines
  • Nintendo Switch Software “Super Mario Odyssey”
  • Super Mario Odyssey 3 Original Stickers
  • Carrying Case (Super Mario Odyssey Edition)
  • Screen Protection Nintendo Switch


That’s it for now,

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