Happy Love Month 2018 – Trip Jem

Happy Love Month 2018

Happy Monthsary Baby! 2 months before our 5 years together, I thank the heavens for letting me love such an eye candy. Always smile and flaunt your chinito eyes ‘cos it makes my heart flutter, makes me put all problems aside.


One of the traits you know I love about you is how competitive and sporty you are. It has been awhile since you played Tennis baby. Let us play that sport soon but allow me (for countless times) to practice, get fit, and be as competitive in that sport as you. Let us start at Nintendo Switch Game, Mario Tennis Aces 2018, before the real deal. Hehe.

Check out Mario Tennis Aces – Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch Trailer!

Sorry if I let you down by being careless about myself health wise. Thank you for the proper time schedule you made for me. Such a simple but sweet, unforgettable gesture. Every alarm reminds me of your love.

Let us continue doing the things we love together, those hobbies and interests that made our eyes shine and our days bright.

I love you.

Happy love month.

(This love letter was initially posted by Jemaru Mercado on her Facebook Profile on February 01,2018)


’til next time,

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