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Monster Hunter World Gundam Inspired Theme Color Armor

We may have missed Gunpla Expo 2018 (Gundam Event) happening right now at MOA, but that doesn’t mean we miss the fun!

Joseph is on game mode playing Monster Hunter: World, while I was busy reading some health materials but I can’t help looking at the TV screen and watch him play this game.

I was reading aloud to keep my focus on my reading materials, but seeing and hearing Joseph’s contagious enjoyment toward the game really caught my attention towards him <3… and the game.

All of a sudden, Joseph would engage me to the game by showing to me the armors and weapons of his character in Monster Hunter. Although I was reading something, I don’t feel disturbed at all. In fact, I felt it was nice to have a little mini break from reading and focus my attention to what may partner is enjoying.

I engaged him to the stuff I read as well by poking him or tapping him all of a sudden when I read from my paper or from the internet, something informative.

It helps to read aloud for better understanding, sleepiness prevention, and most importantly, for Joseph to still continue enjoy the game while I share to him information that I enjoy as well.

Joseph is not as fond of reading as I am so when I share information for him, I make sure I summarized it to the most important detail.

Although I read for him at non-fight mode, it was my tactic also to disturbed him all of a sudden during quest mode or fight mode so that the added difficulty will entertain him much more! I enjoy seeing his game face mode so much!


If you are familiar with Gundam, then this is inspired by Banshee Gundam.


His “palico” or hunting companion in Monster Hunter World is inspired by the RX-0 Unicorn Banshee Gundam.

Joseph loves to joke around and annoy me even with this game! But this pig really is so cute! It sometimes gives a heart shaped effect apart from its cute wiggles! Kawaii!


By the way, it was such a long time since we made a blog post. That was because I got sick for a week or two dues to fever. After that, I got more interested in searching about body’s resistance, stress, sleep, diet, and exercise.

Our note-to-self and to everyone would be to stay healthy while juggling work and play!
That’s it for now!


Happy Hobby Trip!

’til next time,

Thanks for Reading Trippers!

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