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Day Don Don Don Korean Buffet: Cainta Branch



It was Sunday morning and all I think about is Samgyeupsal! Good thing, there’s a newly opened Korean buffet a few minutes near Joseph’s place in Cainta so we just sip our coffee, finish our morning movie marathon, and a few minutes before opening time at 11AM, we’re off to Day Don Don Don buffet located at 2nd floor (ground floor is KFC) Garden Walk, Felix Avenue, Rizal.


Here is the very nice, very accommodating owner of this restaurant, Sir Jo. A few days ago, it was still close but we decided to go up to that restaurant to see how the place looks, and that night we were greeted by Sir Jo and his son, Moses. Their warm gesture radiates the warm, comfortable ambiance of the restaurant.

By warm I mean I like the brown and white hue and how clean and spacious the restaurant is, which is made more open by the glass windows.

The temperature right now in Cainta and all-around Manila is freaking hot, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying hot grilled meat. Don’t worry, there’s aircon in the area but not too cold to make you feel uncomfortable. If you plan to have Korean Buffet at night, then of course you can as they are open until 10:30PM.


We ordered unlimited beef and pork for 599 pesos each. That comes with unlimited side dishes… but there’s something about their side dishes that separates them from the other samgyeupsal or Korean buffet.


I’m used to other Samgyeupsal restaurants were in side dishes are already placed in your table. The problem with that is one cannot finish all the side dishes in one sitting. Either the side dishes they are serving are just dips or sauces or spices, or some are just unappetizing to eat.

But with Day Don Don Don Korean Buffet, not only is the meat appetizing, but the side dishes are all sulit. I felt like their side dishes are main dishes as well.


There are fritters and look there is lumpia also!


There’s Korean noodles, and side by side is kid’s fave Spaghetti!


I love the Chopseuy so much. While Joseph is grilling, I give him a bite of everything on our plate. I’m not good or patient at grilling meat so Joseph always does this for me. In return I serve him food or give him a bite but sometimes if food is oh so good, I forgot that I already empty the plate without him even tasting it. That’s why he teases me a lot with all the F.A.T jokes.


This fish fillet for me is the best I tasted so far. We were guessing what fish they put inside but it is fatty and mouthwatering. I don’t know the dish beside the fish fillet but it is definitely a Korean dish. I like that they alternate Korean and non-korean food in this buffet.

There’s broccoli and all kinds of veggies here. Aside from lettuce, all other veggies seem to match the meat. Hoorays for healthy eating, right?


Seafood dishes like tahong and squid, this buffet got it all and greatly exceeded our expectations of a Korean buffet.

Aside from the meat that we have to grill, they already have meat dishes served on the center table.

They did not forget the potato balls and egg in this buffet! These two are staple in Korean side dishes and of course lettuce, kimchi, peanuts, and rice.


The first thing I look for in eating Korean food is the sauce. There’s samjang sauce, sesame oil with salt and pepper. Joseph hope their soy sauce vinegar with chili and onion is a little sweeter. But all the rest are satisfying, we can’t wait to go back!!

After our round two of grilled meat, Joseph took a look at the center table and saw that there are more new side dishes served. There is pizza too!


But we opt to end our meal with desserts. We love the ginatan (Joseph got two bowls!) and the buko pandan. We’ll surely go back as there are lot of dishes we haven’t tried yet and just ‘cos the food is so yummy and sulit, you won’t regret it!

Visit this page for more info about Day Don Don Don Korean Buffet:
Day Don Don Don Korean Buffet


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