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My First Modern-Mystery Story, Published Online! “Madam Shangcee: Nakikita Ko Ang Problema Mo!”

As mentioned in one of my previous posts: DIY Scratch Notebook + Art and Writing Hobby

I love writing!

“During elementary and high school days, writing and art are my first love! I would write a story in script/dialogue form, handwritten in notebook, with my friends and classmates as the main character. Then, I would route the notebook to my friends and classmates. When they were done reading the chapter for the day, I’d start writing again. And then, they’d borrow again! I was so happy that they enjoyed reading it, that I’d complete a notebook full of stories. No need for internet nor Wattpad to satisfy our reading pleasure then!”

Wattpad was popular during college days but it was only this time that I published a story there. The idea just came to mind one morning and an hour before my morning commute to work, I created part 1 of this modern-mystery story entitled “Madam Shangcee: Nakikita ko ang Problema Mo” (English translate: Madam Shangcee: I can see your problems!!)


I don’t want to write a synopsis about it yet, but the location of the story would be the streets of Manila, particularly Recto, Divisoria, stations of LRT, the University Belt. One reason why I wanted to write a story in Manila setting is because I wanted people all over the world to see our reality, but at the end of that story, I wanted them to see how we progress, innovate, became much more modern from that reality. The story may seem like a teenage problem, but I’d like to sound light at first, add twist and attract more young readers.

The language is Tagalog because I also want to attract the Filipino viewers first, and if luck have it that this became popular, then I’ll English translate it.

Btw, the cover photo of my Wattpad story is only temporary. I post my most mysterious pic ever (LOL XD)

Here’s the link of my Wattpad Story:
Madam Shangcee: Nakikita Ko Ang Problema Mo


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