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Joanne aka “Ms. JK” Feature #2

As there are a lot of aspiring writers who has this make or break or moment, you heard J.K. Rowling got neglected by publishers or editors a lot of time, this talented girl I’ll be talking about got her writings read by many at such a young age! That’s a success story that need to be celebrated, hence I wrote this blogpost.

Let’s get to know her!


Meet this pretty girl, Joanne Kristine Salamat aka Ms. Rogue or Ms. JK. A co-FEU alumna. I heard people thought of her as Sue Ramirez look alike but for me this girl got her own cool “lakas ng dating” vibe especially in person, that the “Sue Ramirez look alike” tag is an understatement. Joanne is a writer and she is also my inspiration in writing a story online!


Known for her white highlights, luscious lips, and petite but curvy frame, no wonder that guy beside her can’t take his eyes of her <3

It is worth noting that this girl is an Auditor, a Seller in Shopee, and a Writer to boot! Don’t you think she is an inspiration also in your side hustle or those with a full-time job but wanting to have a side job?

When others got no time for passion, this girl still got time for anime marathon. You deserve this One-Piece Bouquet, girl!

Her sweet boyfriend, JC Ontal, gave her this! Now this is what I call creative influence. When you are creative or your passion radiates, it influences those beside you. A guy could give you the most expensive flower but the most creative, the most DIY touches the heart.

Speaking of One Piece, that is also Jemboy and I’s all time fave anime. Joanne, Jemboy and I wanted to have Skechers Korea Limited-Edition One-Piece Shoes as featured HERE


Sadly, it is still not available here in the Philippines. We like collecting merchandise of our fave anime such as One Piece so if you got suggestions of cool merchandise, just contact us!

Back to our writer girl, Joanne!

These are two of her most popular books:

  1. Patikim ng Buhay
  2. My Lovely Stranger

I’d like to inform everyone that her books are yet to be published. So those are still not available in our local bookstores. But to know more details about it and to know more info about our writer girl, you may visit her Facebook: Joanne Kristine and her group’s Facebook Page: Unwritten Words

You may also visit their Shopee Page: Talking Pages

As per Joanne, Talking Pages is for all book lovers who is looking for hassle free book buying. All are brand new and 75% of their books got lesser prices than books sold at Malls. Those books from Precious Pages, Pop Fiction, PSICOM, Bookware are all included.


One last thing I’d like to share is that Joanne is not only a pretty face, but she is a pretty face with a heart of an angel, or I might say her lola’s angel. Why do I say that…? I learned that she is very respectful and courteous especially to older people. She will “mano po”(even if they are not her kamag-anak) to older people who visits her house or whose house she visits, as a sign of respect. Then this picture of her with her lola caught my attention. What a sweet and lovely girl!

All photo credit goes to Joanne. Thanks, Joanne, for being an inspiration!

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Happy Tripjem!

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