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Feature # 3 Mark Daquer

Were you amazed by this Diorama of Goten and Krillin? ‘cos I am amazed by the work of art of this man. And it got me more fascinated that the figures were bought solely from a surplus store.

As per him, the figures he bought got no stand nor base, and got missing parts.

But hey! you wouldn’t mind because he restore and brought life to it, making you re-think how you display your model kits and figures.

OUT with the old way of plainly displaying your figures and IN. with Diorama. Less boring. More fun.

Before you fix your toys and figures and make it like what he did, let’s meet the man behind this!

Meet Mark Daquer. He got eyeglasses yeah but he didn’t get his poor eyesight from just doing his hobbies, he got a full time job that involves longer time in the computer and is working on different shifts too.

See that hand of his? Actually he is his department’s Tony Stark.

..who party on the side!

Just kidding. Let’s take a look at the craft he made for his department’s Christmas party.

Mark created his own Ironman Arc Reactor and Iron Man Hands pictured in the photobooth pic.

At home, this table is his kid’s play area.

But Godzilla came and destroy the play area…

..so the former play area of the kids, became Mark’s play area too!

I believe in the thought that the kids copy what they see in their parents. As early as now the kids were exposed to seeing Mark paint and transform old stuff to new and better version. That’s two values in one: the creative value and the money value (art and hobby do not need to be that expensive)

I’d like to share also that this good looking kids are very articulate especially in English that make us all wow! Kanino nagmana?

Definitely their mom! XD

But Mark’s very articulate too especially with his sense of humor!

But I’ve learned that the kids love watching English cartoons,that plays a major role that made them fluent in English. (Bakit ako palagi naman ako nanood ng Korean series with English subtitle! Haha)

Btw, look at the Super Mario theme party, they set for his son’s birthday! Mark could sideline in events gig too!

Back to Mark’s craft. So this one he bought once again in a Surplus store, but let’s see how he restore this!

Cool right? Makes you guilty why you throw away old toys, when you can restore it like how Mark did.

Aside from restoring figures , he do other art stuff too!

He sketch!

He paints!

And he paints his own bike too. Mark btw bikes to work! Healthy living for the win!

As per Mark “When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” But actually we didn’t ever see him sad, we only see his awesomeness. Because not only did he care for his items and stuff, he cares so much about his government job, his wife, his kids, and his friends.

For more info about him, visit his FB page:


All photo credits to Mark.

Thanks Mark for being an inspiration!

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Happy Trip Generation!

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