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Feature #4 Pokwang and her Cookbook

I cannot forget this comedienne, Pokwang in one cooking episode were they had to cook for the kids, and the kids would pick the celebrity who cook for them the best and tastiest spaghetti! They pick Pokwang’s spaghetti, and I was curious what’s the secret!

Then there’s this one episode were Pokwang cook lumpia or spring rolls, and she revealed that she mix shrimp into the mixture. We tried her recipe and it took our lumpia experience to another level!

Since I have a copy of the book, my officemate, Julie, asked me about the recipe of Pokwang’s spicy vinegar.
She also wanted to have a copy of the book but it was sold out in all local bookstores. Though, there’s a rumor that there’ll be book 2!

Here in Trip Generation, we celebrate all the little things. Pokwang maybe a popular comedienne, but we celebrate her side hustle, cooking. Your side hustle or hobby doesn’t need to be trending or expensive or modern or hightech.

Sometimes going back to the basics, what you really wanted to do when you were a kid, or going back to our Filipino roots of loving Filipino food, culture and way of life (or celebrating your own country), will make this generation achieve true happiness!

No matter what you do, keep inspiring and shining, like Pokwang!

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