This will be available in Fully Booked (in the Philippines) soonest, but for now you may download a copy on your Google Playstore like I did! This manga version of Marie Kondo’s book is a light and fun read than her previous books. I have read her first book: Life Changing Magic of Tidying and her second book: Spark Joy, but this manga version is my fave!

All I have to do now is start with my tidying ala konmari and share to you guys the results! Soon in our blog #tripgeneration

#konmari #manga #tidying

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  1. I did not know na may manga version pala nito. I love Marie Kondo! I have been following her lifestyle since 2017. This is a good read, for sure!

    1. Author

      Super good read. Though simpler than the usual manga..but informative, something you want to re-read!

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