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Torimomo Japanese Barbeque at Robinsons Manila + Collagen Diet + Food and Physical Activity

Aside from commute, light cardio for me could be a walk around one huge mall like Robinsons Manila, and a hunt for a new restaurant like Torimomo Japanese Barbecue!

My officemate Cheska alerted us of this new Japanese restaurant and my bestfriend Nics and I were always ready and good to go, if it is food,if it is Japanese, and if it is rich in collagen. But wait, what collagen?! You might wonder!

You know that there were keto diet, and balanced diet, but there was one I just thought of out of the blue: the collagen diet!

As mentioned in my previous post HERE, intermittent fasting gave me faster weight loss, but it also made me look older and haggard. To firm up, I believe I have to add in nutrient dense food, especially those that would firm up the skin.

We have a lot on our list from bone broth, berries, sweet potatoes, carrots, dark green leafy veggies, and garlic.

but there’s one we found in Torimomo, that is rich in collagen too!

Our dear Salmon! Here in Torimomo, this salmon is priced at P150 which is a good deal as other restaurants near the area priced their salmon at P300+

I don’t know yet what nutrients an octopus is rich in but let us forego collagen for now as we couldn’t miss takoyaki in this casual Japanese setup where you see from your table, all the chef cooking your food: one chef preparing your takoyaki, another preparing your rice bowl, and the other one grilling your yakitori.

When I look at them, I feel like I was in a mobile app game of Diner Dash or something similar.

The pic above is one type of Yakitori priced at 50 pesos per stick. If you are used to eating local streetfood, then 50 pesos maybe expensive for just one stick. But then, if you are just up for something new, then give this restau a chance to prove it is worth every bite.

Back to Takoyaki.. Torimomo’s Takoyaki is not on the sweet side which I am used to. So if our tastebuds were the same, then I suggest that you dip your Takoyaki to the remaining sauce in your Yakitori.

Gyoza is already something Filipinos are used to eating given that the famous Tokyo Tokyo has it. For me, all restaurants’ gyoza taste mild and comforting, that it became my safe zone when other dish doesn’t taste familar.

Here is the collagen breaker, white rice! Or not really?

They say that rice is one type of sugar, and sugar breaks down collagen.

They say that chicken worsen your metabolism as it is slow to digest by the body.

But here we went on ordering Chicken Teriyaki with White Rice and Baguio Beans because a meal for us wouldn’t feel complete without rice.

If there is one diet I am not a fan of, then that would be the diet where you have to avoid the food you are used to eating. It feels like taking away one ingredient in a perfect recipe.

It feels like taking away nutrients for your body. Rice is rich in a lot of nutrients too. Chicken is rich in protein. I wouldn’t just avoid those!

We also ordered Beef Yakiniku with Egg and Rice.

Dr Berg said that eating both egg yolk and egg white is much healthier than eating either the white or the yolk.

Hooray for that ‘cos one whole egg gave our beefy rice bowl worthy to dig in.

The two rice bowls reminded me of rice bowls of other local japanese restaurants. Just like gyoza, those two I found filling and comforting. Match that with the traditional japanese ambiance of the restaurant, and your foodie soul for sure will be satisfied.

Food is our source of good mood, and energy. If there were fat reserves given the weight you gain, then blame it on your physical activity.

~Kain Kargador ka pa, papakarga ka lang naman papunta sa Door.

~Eh ano? Dali na, pakarga sa door!

~Ayoko nga mukha kang aparador!

Don’t mind my corny moments in this blog, just my being a frustrated comedienne.

But that’s it for now!

I’ll update you as I am excited to try out more of Torimomo dishes.

On next visit, I wanted to order their salad and sashimi with avocado.


Thanks for reading!

Happy Food Trip!

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