We were craving for Korean Samgyeupsal and we found out in advertisements that SM Megamall has this korean-inspired restaurant, located at one far end of the mall. Sorry though ‘cos this is not a Samgyeupsal food post. Joseph and I decided to try their speciality first before jumping in to our samgyeupsal cravings.
We ordered their specialty: Chicken Wings!Read More →


MTPB and Police Officers in our neighborhood here in Tondo right now. Operation alis-obstruction along roads. There’s still hope for order atleast in streets here. ‘cos sayang, Tondo is known for small narrow streets but we’re lucky as ours is wider,we do not suffer so much when it comes to heavy rains and flood, and I tell you, it is safe to walk around here.Read More →

I gave up intermittent fasting for now and decided to go back to three full rice meals a day ‘cos the former didn’t work its magic anymore. But I had to remind myself that office work could make a person, sedentary lifestyle-prone. So to compensate, I have to introduce and add other forms of exercise aside from brisk walkingRead More →