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I gave up Intermittent Fasting for now

I gave up intermittent fasting for now and decided to go back to three full rice meals a day ‘cos the former didn’t work its magic anymore. But I had to remind myself that office work could make a person, sedentary lifestyle-prone. So to compensate, I have to introduce and add other forms of exercise aside from brisk walking (cos that’s the easiest, in the form of commute and window shopping, right? But due to my consistent weight gain, I figure that’s not enough)

Or maybe I should add in kilometers in my brisk walk,like what we did in our commute in Japan. I felt my body then became slightly toned from all-day walking. But I got my flabby body back ‘cos it was not my routine here.

I should have post fitness-motivation pictures but my bilbil/ babyfats screamed: Not now friend, you are so tabachingching!!!!

So let me use food motivation pictures for now. Here are pictures of our food in Pan Pacific Manila! So yum!

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