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Army Navy: California Burger and Pilot Wings Chipotle Barbecue

We ordered this burger two times already and it easily became one of our favorites! Look at this delicious mess!

I’m a fan of that creamy white sauce! Ready your tissue as they are very generous with the sauce, it just ooze out with every bite!

When we first order Army Navy’s California Burger, the first thing we notice is that the bun is perfectly toasted. After an hour of delivery time, it still kept its crisp. Maybe because it was neatly pack in a cardboard burger box (no pic as proof). But the second time we order in Army Navy, it was pack in a foil (as shown in pic above) which makes the bun flat and moist a little bit. But that’s not a let down at all!

This burger is huge and filling from the burger patty, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, bacon, egg, onion..

and jalapenos!

The ingredients maybe comparable to other burgers, yeah it may look common and overpriced, but try it out yourself, ‘cos for us: it taste a whole lot better.

Maybe that’s the reason why simply perfecting the bun, or perfecting the sauce, perfecting the patty, perfecting the flavor, or perfecting all those little things you do, can take you places.

As much as we want to enjoy one meal at a time, we always have another dish that we always partner with burger!’s Chicken wings! Here is Army Navy’s Pilot Wings Barbecue Chipotle flavor.

For the dip, We love the maple mustard than the ranch and the cilantro.

While there are three dips, there were only two flavors to choose for your Pilot Wings. The one we ordered (pic above) is Barbecue Chipotle and the other one is Buffalo. If you are a fan of that tangy flavor then choose Buffalo, but if you are like us who loves barbecue then choose our order now! Don’t expect this to be spicy though as the chipotle flavor were sprinkled like a pinch. Still, not a let down though as the maple mustard dip saves it.

The burger and chicken is a little pricey for us though and we wish there’d a be a price drop or an Army Navy promo that could save us bucks!

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