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Gangnam Wings, SM Megamall

We were craving for Korean Samgyeupsal and we found out in advertisements that SM Megamall has this korean-inspired restaurant, located at one far end of the mall.

Gangnam Wings’ industrial interior of lights, bricks, and steel has that warm, millenial feel and has that perfect hang-out spot feel into it.

We were wondering why we couldn’t locate it at first inside Megamall Building A, but it’s actually in that building’s entrance, in the far end, or what they call megastrip part of the building.

This is the first time we encounter portable butane gas stove in a restaurant as when it comes to samgyeupsal restaurants, we were used to bigger exhaust, and bigger tables were grill is already fixed to the table.

Some of our friends used portable butane gas stove at home. I guess this also a wonderful idea if you wanted to start up a samgyeupsal business, right? Much cheaper right?

Sorry though ‘cos this is not a Samgyeupsal food post. Joseph and I decided to try their speciality first before jumping in to our samgyeupsal cravings.

We ordered their specialty: Chicken Wings!

Since the restaurant is korean-inspired, they go so far as using the title of korean tv series into their menu.

We ordered Descendants of the Chicken, inspired by the korean title Descendants of the Sun.

We were supposed to pick two flavors and unfortunately, our first pick, the honey garlic flavor was not available so we ordered Soya Yogurt and Korean BBQ.

That was 20 pcs for us two! We ordered that many because I got this move from a korean series: Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. There was one scene were the two of them ordered more than a dozen of chicken wings and they can’t help but crave for more!

See that TV behind Joseph? There was also TV on both sides, featuring kpop dance and music. I am not quite a fan of kpop though. I wanted video clips of behind the scenes or korean drama or comedy, to be featured here next time!

Glad that they have these plastics, but I much prefer using my bare hands to enjoy our chicken wings. While we were waiting for our last order, I gaze over other table and I saw them with their Samgyeupsal and lettuce and side dish and they seem to enjoy it! Don’t worry! We will be back here to try that for sure!

Our last order is here. Maki! That’s our alternative to plain rice.

Our order’s complete and now what’s our verdict?

For the maki, it was just fine. Nothing spectacular.

For gangnam wings, we wanted all chicken parts to be just wing but it seem to be mixed with some parts because we tasted parts which are a little dry and untasty. When we order chicken, we avoid breast part or a part that is similar in taste because there is this umay factor. The flavor of the sauce didn’t went through, it just remained in the breaded part.

Sad that it was a miss. But will for sure revisit again ‘cos why not? There is Samgyeupsal to look forward to! And we hope Honey Garlic is available by that time.

Despite the miss, Gangnam Wings could be a potential food craze worth revisiting.

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