We had a total order of 6 sushi and 2 maki dishes. Let us show you one by one!Read More →


Joseph and I have been constantly building and collecting plastic model kits since 2015.
There’s a different kind of joy in having to cut each plastic model kit pieces, build it part by part (head, bust, legs, arms) following the model kit manual, and see it unfold into awesome, cool display figures in the form of mecha or mobile robots such as gundam or zoids.
You could cut then build your model kits and you’re done, but if you wanted to go into much detail, you could spray paint or coat it first.
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in Tatsuya Osaka, the food was superb. But what would keep us coming back is the excellent service of the staff, and the care they did towards us especially to my parents. Thank you old man and old lady from the restaurant. I wanted to bow my head or even say mano po to both of you once I see you again. Read more to see the food they served for us! Read More →

Here in Manila, lobsters are rare and quite expensive as you could only see them in the menu of a dampa area or in buffet section. But when you go to Japan, you could taste not just Lobsters there but also King Crab in nearby market or food stalls.
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I still remember my answer to an interview question: why do you want to work in LANDBANK?
My answer was: I wanted to work in LANDBANK because I believe the government neeeded our patriotic service more than any private and foreign institutions.Read More →