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Japan Travel Goal? Get your food delivered in Osaka Japan by Domino’s Pizza

Joseph and I love our food delivered and we treat it as a weekend habit already. I am actually impatient with preparing meals and cleaning up after but Joseph is more impatient with me because it would took me a lot of time preparing, cooking and cleaning. Preparing noodles with egg would took me an hour or more, malilipasan kana ng gutom!

So to avoid further arguments and stress, we decided to order our food online , and enjoy the convenience offered by food deliveries.

Even during our travel abroad, we didn’t let this pass! Our patronage for food delivery!

Last June 2018, we went to Osaka, Japan for some foodtrip galore! Yep, that’s the highlight of our trip given the number of food pictures we captured on our camera which we will be sharing on our next posts.

Our itinerary was: tour my parents around Osaka during the day…

and party with cosplayers at night!!!

No just kidding!

We went toy/hobby store hopping at night.

Because of that, Joseph and I would always go back at our hotel, past 11pm. My mom suddenly mentioned then “you know, I wasn’t nervous at all with both of you going out late at night in Japan”

Well Joseph and I felt the same way too mom! We felt so safe and secured that we could walk more than 10 kilometers late at night with our boxes of toys on both hands,not worrying someone would take our Zoids away from us!

One time though, our feet felt so numb from long walking and Domino’s Pizza found us,

and offered us food for free!

Haha! We wish!!!

What actually happened was, on our way back to the hotel, Joseph saw a scooter of Domino’s Pizza delivery!

As soon as we were back in the hotel, we search for Domino’s delivery online praying and hoping the website is not just in Japanese language.

Prayers answered and it has an English website, and it accepts credit card too.

We ordered Quattro Taste of Japan. There are four flavors: Grilled Beef Tongue, Steamed Meat Dumpling, Taiwan Soupless Noodle, and Sakura Shrimp Gratin.

We chose medium sized pizza. Price is 2,800 Yen or 1,300 pesos plus tax.

Also indicated in their website are the calories and allergens, for the health conscious who craves pizza!

After our delivery checkout, the website showed an update of our delivery, a real time GPS tracker of the rider, and some tidbits about the rider too ( what’s his favorite food and all)

After a few minutes, someone knock the door of our hotel room. The courteous rider was right in front of our room! I was thinking someone from the lobby would call us to go down and receive the pizza. But nope, this is Japan and they trust delivery guys to go up the room and deliver for you right at your doorstep.

As I was writing this, I really miss the flavor of this yummy pizza. The taste is different from the pizza we were used to here in the Philippines. I was afraid at first because the flavors sound exotic to us, but it taste fresh and healthy. The ingredients didn’t taste like preservative or was stock in a fridge for a few days. It tastes so good! Now I couldn’t wait to try other flavors when we go back!

Go try Domino’s Pizza food delivery on your next Japan trip, for that new food experience!

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