Giant Scallop! in Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka – Trip Jem

Giant Scallop! in Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka

We were on our way then to a toy store, when we passed by the cleanest market/ palengke we had ever seen, Kuromon Ichiba Market.

We scheduled ourselves that by afternoon we need to finish our DIY day tour so my parents could rest, and by 6pm, Joseph and I could rush to our destination ‘cos malls and stores close as early as 8 or 9pm in Japan.

Joseph and I couldn’t afford wasting our limited time, dining in a restaurant at night, so a food stall like this was our savior.

This giant scallop is worth 500 yen or 250 pesos. Not bad! We only bought one giant scallop, and it was already good enough for the two us.

It is so meaty, you wouldn’t need to cover it with cheese or any filling to make it look appetizing.

There were a lot of giant scallops in Japan and ours were just so little that I couldn’t help but wonder from that food experience as to how healthy Japan’s marine life is compare to the Philippines.

Btw, we went to another market in other side of Osaka, and there were other stalls also that sells giant scallop for a different price.

Try it out too!!

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