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Happy 55th Anniversary LANDBANK

Happy 55th Anniversary LANDBANK!

For three years now,you were my second home since college. Thank you for giving me three jobs.

I started working in the branch who worked as one of the frontliners and was used to queueing and overtime hours, I became customer care analyst who worked on different shifts and was used to irate clients and woohoo night differentials. Currently, I worked as a Treasury Sales Officer which gave me opportunity to work inside trading room, work outside for client call, and gave me the title, Certified Treasury Professional.

I still remember my answer to an interview question: why do you want to work in LANDBANK?

My answer was: I wanted to work in LANDBANK because I believe the government neeeded our patriotic service more than any private and foreign institutions.

You may complain about slow service and poor system, but try to atleast serve in the government and have a glimpse of the big picture. Better if you work where there is more customer engagement or try working in the operations. The job situation screamed manpower, skilled civil servants, loyalty, and heart.

I admit I have a love-hate relationship with this field of work. But know that I am forever grateful to serve this bank and this government we’re in.

Thank you LANDBANK!

Credit to LBP-CAD for the two pics here.

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