This food stall in Osaka sells King Crab and Lobster! – Trip Jem

This food stall in Osaka sells King Crab and Lobster!

Here in Manila, lobsters are rare and quite expensive as you could only see them in the menu of a dampa area or in buffet section. But when you go to Japan, you could taste not just Lobsters there but also King Crab in nearby market or food stalls.

We were given two empty rectangular plates by the vendor and he advised us to fall in line at the grocery beside the food stall where we needed to pay first.

The line was long, but these food section in this grocery got us entertained.

After the long wait, we went back with our plates now stamped with paid price stickers.

The lobster was priced at 1,500 yen or 750 pesos

While the King Crab was priced at 2000 yen or 1000 pesos.

Some people were eating it beside the food stall, but we decided to eat in one restaurant bringing these two giants there. (That restaurant though will be featured in one of our next posts)

Looking back, we realized our picture really didn’t give justice as to how huge these two were for real! The King Crab was more than the size of a ruler. And the lobster was something we never thought we would feast on especially with its shells still instact, but we did feast on it and we’re still craving!

The first time we ate lobster in Japan was in Tokyo were we fall in line for Luke’s Lobster Sandwhich. (We fall in line once again in Luke’s Lobster Osaka but we’ll feature that on a different post too)

To end this post, here’s a famous restaurant in Osaka were there’s a giant King Crab decor. We hope we could go back and try this restaurant’s menu, for the love of seafood!

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