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Tatsutaya in Namba,Osaka

When travelling with my elderly parents, we couldn’t just stand by and eat our food by the food stall. For their comfort, we needed to find seats for them so we brought them to a restaurant with our takeout king crab and lobster as mentioned in our previous post.

One time in our Osaka trip, it took us awhile though to find a restaurant that could fit the wheelchair of my father. There were some restaurant that were spacious but the menu is not to my parents’ liking.

And then we find this traditional restaurant in Namba Osaka.


I entered first to check if there were available table for four.

When I found out the tables were full, I was told by the old man from the restaurant to go up the stairs as there were more tables there.

I told him we can’t and then I point my father to the old man.When he saw that we needed more dining space, he then asked for us to wait at the counter table while he reserved and clean for us the latest available table for four.

While waiting, we saw grilled fish in the plate of one customer. We were curious so we check the menu but we couldn’t find that particular fish.

One old lady from that restaurant helped us and shouted our order of grilled fish to the one in the counter area. That was when we figured there was a separate menu in the counter.

Here’s father’s grilled fish. I noticed the old man looked over at us from time to time. When he saw that my father had a difficult time eating his rice in his small bowl, the old man approached my father and gave him a much bigger rice bowl. We didn’t even request that but he just did.

Mother enjoying her green tea. No need to request for green tea because this is staple in all restaurants here, either ice cold or hot.

While Joseph and I were enjoying our takeout lobster and king crab, the old lady called our attention and spoke to us in japanese. The english word I only heard was oyster. We then realized she was suggesting that we dip our lobster and king crab to the oyster sauce. Thank you for the suggestion old lady!

Here is mom’s order of beef with brown sauce, sesame seeds, and lettuce with side dish kimchi and miso soup. Japanese beef dishes were mom’s number one choice during our Osaka travel ‘cos the first time she tasted one in a food stall near Osaka Aquarium, she couldn’t forget it!

This Katsudon is my dad’s choice. Actually, what he only craves in this dish is the combination of egg and rice and that sauce that was so flavorful. We wonder why that simple combination exudes so much flavor. We’re thinking it was really not the sauce, but the egg’s freshness that makes the difference.

Our last dish, seafood soup which we all agree was the most flavorful. All servings were large but this last order truly completes and balanced everything out. It did a job well done, cleansing our palate

Take a look at their instagram page @tatsutaya_osaka for more dishes!

The next day after our first dine in, my parents were craving again for Tatsutaya. Yes, the food was superb. But what would keep us coming back is the excellent service of the staff, and the care they did towards us especially to my parents. Thank you old man and old lady from the restaurant. I wanted to bow my head or even say mano po to both of you once I see you again.

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