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Studio Stars Restaurant, Universal Studios Osaka Japan

We went in a non-peak season in Osaka, so we could avoid long lines and crowded areas in restaurants and theme parks.

We also made sure that we were on time, when the theme park opens. But here in Universal Studios Osaka Japan, although the gate opens at 9AM, not all restaurants were open by that time as well.

After a morning stroll inside the theme park, we found this restaurant with queue outside. If we’re not mistaken, it opened at 11AM. We waited for 30 minutes that time. Imagine if it’s peak season!

Studio Stars Restaurant in Universal Studios Osaka looked like a retro American diner to us. The Japanese twist is we were greeted by waitresses in maid costume.

After that, we were given our designated table area, then I fall in line again for our order.

We ordered three set meals because my mom already ordered a sandwhich from the other restaurant inside Universal Studios (pic to be uploaded soon). My dad couldn’t also finish his big set meal, so they share that set. Meanwhile, Joseph and I are big eaters by lunch time so no sharing of sets haha!

Studio Stars Special: Hamburger Steak with egg, cheese, potatoes, brocolli, and bell peppers. To complete the set, there’s japanese rice, salad, drinks, and minion dessert. Price is 2190 yen or 1050 pesos.

Our other order is this BBQ Roasted Chicken! Price is 1890 yen or 906 pesos.

Just writing this post makes me wanna go back. Actually, if we could go back, we will tour the Universal Studios for a day with only food trip in mind. We’ll do the rides on other days if the budget permits.

What I love about Studio Stars is the food is full of flavor especially the hamburger steak. The cut of the steak is quite thick. Sorry if we didn’t capture the food in a different angle.

The servings are also quite big especially the roasted chicken. I was actually hoping to get a taste of the gigantic turkey legs that is famous in Universal Studios Japan, but the roasted chicken in Studio Stars is good enough for the price.

The dessert is fruity (mango, banana or peach something between those flavors) but only mildly sweetened by the chocolatey drizzle on top. Perfect for the sugar conscious.

Japanese rice is the best combination for our roasted chicken and hamburger steak.

But there’s also salad as part of the set meal! In other restaurants, either you choose the salad or the rice. But in Studio Stars, both are included. That’s one heavy meal, perfect to give you all the energy for a day trip in Universal Studios.

We’re sure you’ll love this Studio Stars Restaurant as much as we do! List it now in your travel food goal!

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