Joseph caught on act drinking beer! Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Osaka Japan


Joseph and I aren’t fond of drinking wine or beer or any alcoholic drinks because the smell and taste is not to our liking. I,myself do not drink so much even with non-alcholic beverage like for example when I buy a regular softdrink, I would only sip a little or would only finish half a cup (except for my favorite Serenitea Wintermelon Milk Tea and Zagu Taro)

If you were like us too who were also curious why Harry, Ron and Hermione frequent Hogsmeade’s butterbeer but were afraid if there really is no alcohol content, then don’t worry kiddos! This barrel of butterbeer is non-alcoholic!

Joseph unsurprisingly reassuringly asked “does it have alcohol?!”

Nope! This butterbeer is simply watered down butter scotch, or simply butter and brown sugar, with soda

My mother also got a taste of the butterbeer with vanilla foam on top.

My father only got a sip, because even though it’s yummy, this butterbeer is pure sweetness overload!

The regular butterbeer cost 600 yen or 300 pesos, while the butterbeer with vanilla foam cost 750 yen or 360 pesos. The souvenir butterbeer mug would cost you double, but we skip that ‘cos the mug is made of plastic and the other is made of thin can. We’re hoping for stainless or glass mug though.

Stepping into this Wizarding World of Harry Potter is dream come true. More so, tasting butterbeer! Book a flight now and buy your tickets to Universal Studios Osaka Japan and experience this too!

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