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Spray paint your Zoids or Gundam for a matte or gloss finish + Invest in Ultimate Godhand Nipper and Glass Case

Liger Zero Schneider was one of the model kits we bought in Joshin- Kid’s Land in Osaka Japan for a discounted price. One tip: You’ll get more discount in Joshin upon presenting your VISA card and Passport.

At first, we thought we couldn’t find solace in Osaka ‘cos Akihabara isn’t there, but Eureka moment it was! We found Joshin-Kid’s Land, a store that is bang for your buck if you are a toy collector!

Joseph and I have been constantly building and collecting plastic model kits since 2015.

There’s a different kind of joy in having to cut each plastic model kit pieces, build it part by part (head, bust, legs, arms) following the model kit manual, and see it unfold into awesome, cool display figures in the form of mecha or mobile robots such as gundam or zoids.

By the way, in cutting model parts, We strongly suggest that you invest in GodHand Ultimate Nipper. We tried cheaper versions of nipper but it took us a lot of time and stress in cutting and removing the nub marks. GodHand cuts like butter, you could finish building your kit in only a few hours.

You could cut then build your model kits and you’re done, but if you wanted to go into much detail, you could spray paint or coat it first.

Look at these two orange frames. The right frame which is the original, unpainted got that shiny plasticy effect. While the one on the left which is the enhanced version, we painted and coated in matte.

We decided not to paint the inner black part and focus on enhancing those candy colored parts: orange, pink, white, gold, and blue.

Zoids got no decals or stickers unlike Gundam so our last resort in adding more detail is through paint.

In the case of gold though, we painted not with matte but with gloss.

As mentioned, we skip black frames in our spray paint but this black frame is an exception. We painted it in gloss too so we could emphasize the areas we painted with red gundam marker.

We use Bosny Spray Paint in Flat Clear for matte effect, and Clear for gloss effect.

Be very careful in using this spray paint though. Spray thinly and equally. If not, and you sprayed quite thick, you’ll find a hard time pushing the pieces together.

If you have budget to spare, invest in airbrush instead.

But for starters, Bosny Spray Paint is not bad after all. We just made sure we shake the spray paint bottle well.

It is also important that you got an open space when you spray paint. It could be in your terrace, or in a garage like Joseph’s. Also make sure you have cardboard, table, and hangers ready!

Here it is! While Joseph spray paint the frames, I was in charge with hanging all the painted frames in this blue hanger. We waited a day for the paint to dry before we proceed with building our model kit.

Next day came and we started cutting and building our model kit. Check out our little workspace!

After building the model kit, it is best that you keep it in a glass case like the one featured above.

Or you may also build a big glassbox like this for your model kits.

Truly, this hobby is happiness!

Our Liger Zero Schneider is still a work in progress but we will update you on our next post!

Thank you for reading!

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