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Genki Sushi finally opens in SM Megamall

Genki Sushi finally opens in SM Megamall! We were lucky because even though we went on a holiday, there were still a lot of vacant seats that lunch time.

Since that was our first time in Genki Sushi, the waiter guided us and introduced to us the best sellers in the menu.

Although there is a touch screen menu, we wanted to look more closely into each dish so the waiter provided us the menu in thick cardboard.

After we pick our choice, that’s when we used the touch screen menu for our order.

In just a few minutes, this train came right up to serve our dish!

If we were correct, there is only one conveyer belt that made rounds in all tables. Because of that, we saw a glimpse of other customers’ order through that conveyor belt. We saw tempura, rice bowl, and even bento boxes!

But for our first time here, we decided to focus our order on Genki’s main dish: Sushi.

After we got our plate, we had to press the yellow button for the train to move back into the kitchen.

We had a total order of 6 sushi and 2 maki dishes. Let us show you one by one.

Tuna Tataki is surprising to taste because the tuna is quite grinded. I find it overwhelming especially when I ate that sushi in one mouthful.

Good thing this Hana Sushi came after! Salmon is still a winner compared to Tuna in terms of flavor. The size is just right too! Not that big compare to Tuna Tataki.

We expect a lot from this Chub Mackerel because it is one of the “Genki Recommended” and the waiter recommended, but there’s nothing special to it.

Same with this Grilled Salmon Nigiri. Maybe because we have already tasted a better salmon Nigiri first which is Hana Sushi.

This Lobster Salad Gunkan tasted fresh but we found the lobster a little cold when it was served. What we don’t like though is the seaweed is quite thick. We wanted it soft and crunchy to focus our attention on the lobster, but it made us focus on the seaweed because it is quite chewy.

This is the bomb! We would come back for this over and over again! This is Seared Premium Japanese Scallops with Pollock Rice. I was not fond of raw scallops before but the one on top introduce the scallop to a whole new flavor, better than umami! I exaggerate on this quite a bit but we highly recommend this!

Since Joseph and I are fond of Unagi, we’re quite curious how this Unagi Kyuri would taste if it is in maki form. Well, the cucumber was fresh and as you could see that were lots of shredded cucumbers. The yellow bits that enveloped the rice made the whole maki crunchy. But the Unagi flavor is so mild and the quantity of the Unagi bits was so little, that it defeats the purpose of it being an Unagi Maki.

Spicy Salmon Roll is quite big and quite spicy that I have to skip wasabi. That was our last plate and this is a good finisher.

Wasabi is not served right up here. You have to request for it.

But this matcha powder is staple to Genki Sushi table. I was looking at the menu for drinks but there is none, but this drink should suffice.

Even Joseph who is not fond of green tea enjoyed preparing this matcha drink.

The waiter advised us of 2-3 little scoops of matcha powder and fill it with hot water through that faucet at the center end of our table.

There were hits and misses but we’d like to share that we overheard positive comments of two customers

Old man: “I commend this restaurant. All are good, the food, the service is fast..”

Kid: “I like to go here everyday. It’s so cool here”

I was supposed to make a heart sign right here but for sure we would still come back to revisit the food we order and try out other food on the menu, and then I’ll perfect that heart sign again ‘cos Genki Sushi deserve it especially the Seared Premium Scallops with Pollock Rice.

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