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Jinzai: Best Takoyaki Ever!

Find out why this is the best Takoyaki ever!

My friend Nica and Julie are quite generous in offering their newly discovered food. They get to the point that they order and takeout the night before, so they could bring it to the office the next morning, just for me to taste!! Imagine that takeout food came all the way from Bulacan and QC to our office in Malate. I feel so lucky because I have lunchmates who have big appetite too! That make us quite energized, and always in a good mood! Food really is happiness, Ye?

It was Nica who first brought Jinzai Takoyaki for us to taste!

It was the biggest Takoyaki I’ve tried. I tried tons already, even in Japan. But nothing beats the size of this.

Maybe you asked where were the octopus bits? I’ll show you that variant later because the pic above is a Crab Takoyaki variant. But let me tell you, since Jinzai is the best takoyaki ever, it so happen that their octopus variant best sellers- Baby Tako and Big Tako were easily sold out. I was advised by Julie and Nica that if ever I crave again, I should fall in line in the morning ‘cos even the flake toppings were in demand.

My first taste impression was the breading was so yum! It was thick but there were already savory flavor into that breading. Kumbaga breading palang ulam na! My superior even commented “eto tokneneng ng Japan e” But actually this breading beats the Epalog of Taytay I loved.

The darker one is the sweet sauce while the orange one is the spicy sauce. We mixed them all together and then just one taste of it with the takoyaki, ended my cravings of all other takoyaki food stalls. Jinzai really is at the top of takoyaki competition even with the sauce.

Now here is Big Tako! Julie was so lucky when she ordered this because remember I told you it was quite in demand? But that one night she was craving for it, there were still Big Tako left! And there were lots of flake toppings left too!

The meat in Jinzai is quite chunky. The crab and the octopus bits in particular. Have you ate takoyaki and questioned your taste buds this: is there really octopus bits or that was just shredded vegetables inside?

Don’t worry Jinzai’s takoyaki is such a giant, that your taste buds won’t be fooled.

This is the takeout box of Jinzai.

Have you read Jinzai’s description of its takoyaki? Well I agree 100 %. No sales talk, just good food!

If you do takeout your Jinzai, get your microwaveable container, put the takoyaki in there, and reheat it in the microwave oven for 2 minutes first, following the instructions in the box. Oops, actually we didn’t follow it correctly because the instruction says oven toaster. But I guess there’s little to no difference there.

If you got budget to spare, don’t just buy pieces of takoyaki, please just franchise near our area so I could taste it everytime I crave for it. Haha!

But seriously, we hope Jinzai branch out in maybe all SM malls so all could discover this best takoyaki ever!

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