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PS4: Marvel SPIDER-MAN (2018)

Check out the day in the life of Spiderman and an exclusive look of Peter Parker’s Apartment, only in this newly launched PS4 game: Marvel Spider-man (2018). See the unboxing, screenshots and videoclips here!

There were a lot of 2018 video games coming soon and some, already out on different consoles (PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4). Since video games nowadays is pricey, it doesn’t hurt to be picky, searching for game reviews first and comparing games of the same genre. But with Marvel’s Spider-man launched last Friday, September 07, 2018 on PS4 , we haven’t read any game facts and reviews, prior, what we only knew then was it is an open world game and nothing more, yet our intuition says this will be an interesting, bang-for-your-buck game, so without further adieu, we pre-ordered a few days before launch at Datablitz, SM Marikina.


When you pre-order, you’ll get this Spider-man Figpin at launch! There was one pre-order edition were you could avail of Spider-man Collector’s Edition, together with a mini figure.


Joseph and I is into two or more players nowadays because it feels more interactive, but we have to let go of that choice because this Marvel’s Spiderman is a single player game.


Purchasing Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4 includes the following in-game freebies: Spidey Suit Pack, 5 Extra Skill Points, Early Unlock of a Spiderman-Drone Gadget, Spider-Man PS4 Custom Theme, and Spider-man PSN Avatar.

Continue browsing this post for more vivid screenshots and video clips!2

We decided, that Joseph play and finish the game first (in hard or spectacular mode), and I’ll play the game next (in easy or friendly mode). While Joseph is playing the game, from time to time, I asked him to remind me if there were narration or stories happening in between game so we could listen and watch it together, because honestly, I am more into the story, the video graphics, animation, and realistic details, than the fighting part. Sometimes, you’ll see better story and animation in the video games, than the animated movies. To prove, just look at our game screenshots below.


In the opening gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-man on PS4, it gave us a glimpse of Peter’s Parker’s room! Here you see his window being bugged by itsy bitsy spider. Atleast, he got a good look of the buildings outside!


Peter Parker is into taking and displaying family portraits and landscape as shown here. In this modern smartphone-abused world though, it is very rare for millennials to develop pictures like this, don’t you think? Were you bugged by your parents to go to photo store like Fujifilm and develop pictures like the old ways?


In here, Peter Parker could not yet ‘go out with the old and in with the new.’ Here you see his drawing or sketches on paper! We guessed digital tablet and pen, and Apple pencil were not yet in his wishlist. But come to think of it, the effort in traditional pen drawing gave us nostalgia, reminding us how we scribble at the back of our notebook back in school. Anyway, have you seen that brown circle coffee stain in his drawing notebook?


And more coffee stains in this area. Love that pacman-designed mug though. Peter Parker is quite into assembling his PC, as you could see those chipsets and wires scattered on his table, beside his takeout food box.

Were you also like him, saving up for your new laptop or for your vacation, and you put those extra coins and bills in a jar? Peter Parker, why is your jar still empty?

Peter Parker doesn’t have a PC in his room though. He only got this broken screen laptop to code on and to stick his doodles on.


Peter Parker’s room had that investigative vibe in it with all the corkboard and newspaper clippings.

He is also used to sticky notes and writing random stuff like:

  • the suit stinks!! laundry Peter
  • rent past due again Peter!
  • pick up aunt May 10pm Feast
  • find out Yuri’s bday
  • mail JJJ dozen roses from “secret admirer”
  • call ESU re: loan (extension) again.

Peter Parker is just like the rest of us, our ideas are sometimes disorganized, that we get to overthink things, even with presence of smartphone organizing apps.


Here is our first glimpse of Peter Parker on Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4.

It surprised me because this is not the same man who play as Peter in all the Spiderman movies. I have google search if he looked similar to the Spiderman animated series, but no. This guy is more young, handsome, and fit. I could not wait to see his love interest here!

When a mission calls for Spiderman, he wears his web shooters first,

In the morning, he doesn’t forget to heat his bread toast breakfast,

But he does skip shower and repeat wearing his stinky spider-man suit! Shown in the frame behind him is his diploma in Empire State University (ESU).


He is a multi-tasker though, eating his bread, while wearing his suit in his kitchen. Don’t you also think, Spider-man’s room needed some kitchen renovation!


After that he grab his Spider-man head suit, he left inside out the night before.



Finally, here’s our superhero Spider-man all suit up! Don’t mind the old looking refrigerator, plastic trash of food, mini electric fan, and window type aircon of his apartment.



And just be amazed by his eye sensor..


..alerting him of some important things like this past due bill!


Before he went out the window, he looked over his cellphone alarming him of his mission for the day. Hope he got alarmed by the pizza boxes still laying under his bed.




And here goes Spider-man to save the day!


After a while of shooting webs and hanging on it, Spiderman standby in one building and spoke to a certain Yuri Watanabe over an invisible phone.


I love the open world environment vibe of the game like GTA V and Sims 4.


And here is Joseph’s favorite, the action-packed fighting scene! See those three enemies web trapped by him? so cool!!


Before we end this post, watch this video clip of the opening and our initial gameplay!

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