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Anatomy of a Milk Tea ft. Serenitea

It’s been a long time since our last post. Reason is I always write post with pictures attached but my smartphone’s camera lens is broken and cannot be fixed according to the CP repair store I went to. Just in case, I always carry a digital camera in my bag, but I still miss the quicker capture and share convenience, a smartphone brings.

During office lunch time on a quick walk to Robinsons Manila, I wouldn’t carry a bag with me, only my wallet and smartphone in one hand. Since I would leave my bag in the office at lunch, more often than not the camera stays… in the bag too. Don’t blame me! I’m hungry to even carry items that are more than three!

So for this blog post, I’ll be featuring my fave Serenitea Milk Tea in digital art made by yours truly.


I’ve tried Coco, Happy Lemon, Gongcha, Macao Imperial, Chatime, D’Cream, Kumori Tea but Serenitea always wins the game!

I have three Serenitea faves!


Serenitea Wintermelon Milk Tea (Cold) 100 % sugar level if large, 75% sugar level if regular size, with pearls or chia seeds or both , or Wintermelon Milk Tea (Hot) 50% sugar level in either large and regular size, with chia seeds (the chia seeds adds additional sweetness already)

With Serenitea’s Wintermelon Milk Tea, it pays to request for your preferred sugar level, and sinkers because at times it tastes a miss when it’s quite sweet or lacking in flavor. One time, we got our milk tea delivered and the ice already melted, my milk tea’s sugar level was only 50% then, so that mix got me unsatisfied. From this experience, I make sure I adjust the sugar level according to delivery time too.

When you got the perfect sweetness to the Serenitea’s Wintermelon Milk Tea, it’s the most refreshing, stress-relieving, comforting drink ever. That’s based on our everyday experience with this drink.

For comparison, I tried Chatime Wintermelon Milk Tea and it tastes yum at first but there’s a hint of bitter tea flavor. I’ve tried Gongcha Wintermelon Milk Tea, large size with 100% sugar level and it tasted super sweet! What they lack though is the refreshing flavor the Serenitea Wintermelon milk tea brings.


Taro with Cheese Frost- Don’t forget the add-on with cheese frost! This is literally premium ube/ taro icecream! Every sip is like creamy icecream in my mouth. One time when the Serenitea Wintermelon disappoint me, this Taro with Cheese Frost saves it.

For comparison, I tried Zagu Taro. It’s the first Taro drink I’ve tried. I got addicted with Zagu’s syrupy sugar sauce under but the difference with Zagu and Serenitea’s Taro is that Zagu is not as creamy and tasty, or hindi buo yung lasa.

brown sugar.jpg

Brown Sugar Frost with Holly’s Fresh Milk – When we thought nothing could ever beat Coco’s Three Buddies, and Serenitea’s Wintermelon Milk Tea, this limited edition Serenitea’s Brown Sugar Frost with Holly’s Fresh Milk is the BEST EVER milk tea for me so far!!!!!! It was out in the milk tea market a few weeks ago but there was such a huge craze on launching day that is was sold out in just a few hours. But now it’s back baby!

For me, the best way to enjoy this is to really consume it immediately and not mix it. First, sip the sweetness of the HOT syrupy sugar sauce and the pearls. Second, sip the freshness of Holly’s Fresh Milk. And third, sip the cheese frost with muscovado sugar toppings.

Food makes me happy. But it was only this time of my life that I enjoy drinks, particularly milk tea and cream based drinks. Before when I was still in school, I always thought, why would someone waste their precious money in hundred peso ++ drinks. Then now I realize, it’s a whole new experience. When a drink is prepared perfectly, it lifts the mood, takes away stress, and you’ll feel refreshed!!

That’s it for now!

Thanks for reading!

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