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What’s New: Serenitea 2019 Diary

I couldn’t get over my craze with Serenitea that I bought their 2019 Diary as soon as it was launched yesterday!

The diary was delivered for us by Serenitea Robinsons Manila branch, together with our milk tea drinks.

The diary is priced at 599 pesos or FREE if you have a single receipt of 1,200 pesos.

It has two variants. The green diary cover has that engraved effect in its design. The white yellowish diary cover doesn’t have that but it got watercolor design which I love! It reminds me of the artwork I did just previously: Anatomy of a Milk Tea ft. Serenitea

Note that I haven’t seen the 2019 Serenitea Diary design yet when I did this artwork, so I was surprised and happy that it’s also in watercolor! Yay!

The front and back cover has different design but it’s all the same inside.

My officemate Julie got the green one, and I got the yellowish white one.

So what’s inside 2019 Serenitea Diary?

  • Every start of the month it features a scene in watercolor design, and right the next page it got art and journal activities exlusively for us, Serenitea Diary owners.
  • It feature artworks of sinkers like tapioca, chia seeds, pudding and more
  • It teaches us different kinds of tea
  • It got Serenitea discount coupons too!
  • It got a workout tracker, palate pleasure list, and howto features such as ‘how to have the best day ever!’
  • The usual feature of a planner is also here such as your financial targets, places to travel, and more.
  • I like the part where you have to write your goal, and at the end of it you have to write down what you want as a reward when you accomplish that goal.

I don’t want to spoil you yet with pictures of what’s inside the Serenitea 2019 Diary. Buy yours now and be one of the owners of this pretty diary!

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