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Jemboy’s Hair Transformation at GQ Barber Shop


My pretty boy, Jemboy had been sporting his long hair look for months! Now he decided to bring back his cleancut look with the hair service brought by GQ Barber Shop. See his hair transformation here!

Before we went to GQ , I’d like to share that a guy from a little photocopy store we pass by in Taytay that same day, noticed his long hair, complimented his style and told Jemboy that he dreamt of growing his hair that way too!

But Jemboy told him that he had to cut his hair now ‘cos it’s a hassle to maintain.

So here we went at GQ Barber Shop in SM East Ortigas.

I will miss the times when he requested for me to braid his hair ala NBA or streetstyle fashion..

..or more often than not, just your regular french braid

I see his hairstyle evolve from long to this particular cut to that clean cut.

I was praying the hair stylist wouldn’t go overboard

And there you go. Jemboy version 3.0. In cleancut with that wavy textured hair at the top. The GQ hairstylist displayed his natural waves into much cooler style!

His hairstylist in GQ then was suggesting a popular hairstyle for him, but because it’s far from Jemboy’s personality and style, he kindly agreed to what Jemboy wanted, only tweaking some hairstyle twist into it. Yep, overheard them while I appreciate that brown and black wooden ambience of GQ Barbershop.

I like the ambience and aura of this place: warm, simple and straightforward. You’ll see their men clients: teen, adults, dads, and even kiddos, enjoying their new hairdo.

What I most love is hearing their hairstylist in their very Filipino accents. I don’t know if it’s only in this particular branch in SM East Ortigas but hearing them feels like home. When you got a balikbayan male family or friend, treat them into this haircut session (oh, and treat them to their foot spa too!)

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