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Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Jemgirl here! It has been a long time. Posting here in this blog has been on and off because my phone got stolen, and I miss the instant picture taking, post, and share, smartphone offers. Although, I have other alternatives such as my laptop, and compact camera, I still miss the convenience. Though, I treat it a blessing in disguise. Because having no cellphone in one hand, lets me enjoy the moment, the present, as it is.

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Pic by Pam

Last Friday after office, my high school friend, Pam treated me to a movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Pam and I decided that we got seats at the upper floor of the cinema. But that was a wrong move! The first five minutes of the movie, I couldn’t understand. I was thinking, maybe because I was not updated with Dragon Ball series anymore, and we should have bought tickets for Aquaman or Bumbleebee instead. But no, I couldn’t understand the first five minutes because I couldn’t read the English subtitles that clearly (it’s worse than blurred). As you know, almost all anime series and movies, language is in Japanese with English subtitles. But I didn’t see it coming. Is it my poor eyesight or our eyes are just exposed to a much clearer and brighter screen resolution given the modern smartphone and TV nowadays?  I asked Pam is she could read the subtitles clearly? She doesn’t have a poor eyesight as I do, but she said she also had a hard time. Based on this experience, if you need to watch movies with subtitles, better choose seats nearer the big screen or at the lower floor. We hurriedly went down to the vacant seats at the lower floor, and bingo! All’s clear!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is awesome! If you are an anime lover, or you belong to the generation when Dragon Ball was aired and you watch episodes of it, then you would definitely enjoy this! Pam shared that she watched Dragon Ball marathon but that was way back, while the only familiarity I got with Dragon ball is the series aired by our local shows during our elementary days.  Despite that, it feels nostalgic and it captured our hearts, seeing again Goku, Vegeta, Picollo, and Bulma, seeing the exciting fighting scenes, the kamehameha wave, the fusion, and seeing new characters, and new stories unfold.

My eyes are fixated with the movie despite a hand and mouthful of Bonchon’s Soy chicken legs and chops and Bingsu Mango Cheesecake. Food shouldn’t be out of the equation with every movie trip, right?

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