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TripJem Haul for January 2019


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Sharing with your our latest haul!

TripJem Haul for January 2019 includes: Samsung A7, Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4 Controller, and Pirate Warriors 3

Samsung A7

We bought Samsung A7 because of its triple lens camera, wide angle feature, and price! We’ve yet to test its battery but we really hope it would last a day or two. Initially, we wanted the less pricier, and earlier model Samsung J8, but the letdown there is its initially memory of 32GB as compared to 64GB of Samsung A7. We were thinking that if the initial memory is only 32GB, then it has greater effect with the processor too.

Jemgirl: My previous phones were ASUS and OPPO brand. This is my first Samsung Phone which I promise to take care XD. But the reason why I switch to a Samsung brand is because I am impressed with its modern, innovative and appealing features and look not just with its phone, but with its appliances (Samsung’s Smart Oven is now on my wishlist too!) by the way, Samsung A7 comes with free 10,000 mAh fast charge powerbank which is literally kinda heavy.

PS4 Controller

One of our PS4 Controller needed repair especially the left joycon, but since it is already out of warranty,  we decided to replace it with a Green Camouflage PS4 Controller.

Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts 3 was just launched here in the Philippines a few days week ago. There’s poster included when you pre-order at Datablitz a few weeks prior.

Jemgirl: Since it is a single player game, Jemboy enjoys the game first. Jemboy is into gameplay, battle, and character upgrade and he is more keen to streaming it. While I am more into story, costume, and details and animation of the game and I am more keen to blogging it play by play.

Pirate Warriors 3


While waiting for One Piece World Seeker to be launched on March 2018, we decided to play the older game: Pirate Warriors 3 as teaser. And it didn’t disappoint. It’s a split screen, more like a base-defense style game, that perfectly and completely relives the story, and skills of the characters of One Piece from the beginning. For the price, it really exceeded our expectations!

That’s all for our haul.

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