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Ottogi’s Instant Tteokbokki

There is this little Korean grocery in Malate for all your korean cravings: instant ramen noodles, meat for your Samgyeupsal, Kimchi, desserts, drinks, seasonings, seaweed, snacks, tea, coffee. They even sell portable butane gas stove here!

Recently, my officemate and closest friend Nica, discovered that Ottogi’s Tteokbokki is available there too. See how it looks when it’s cooked!

First, we boil the Tteokbokki pieces until soft and chewy looking, and then we add in the sauce also included in the pack. After that we drain the water, just leaving small amounts, about half a thumb level or less.

Johanna, Jemboy’s sister decided to add in Pancit Canton noodles. If you are wondering whether there’s also a version of Ottogi’s Tteokbokki with noodles too? Yes there is!


My only concern with this is Tteokbokki pieces were already pre-cut and it’s quite small. I wanted it cut a little longer so it stays in my chopsticks a little longer too. I enjoy biting and dipping it to the sauce a few times, and then proceed to another piece. Other than that, it’s yum for our koreancrazed taste buds!

Nica who formerly worked at a Korean bank, shared that the “B” in Tteokbokki is pronounced by Koreans as “P” Thanks Nica for the tip! She also bought one pack for her and his husband Jeff. She shared though that they found it quite spicy but still enjoyable. In our case, we didn’t it find it that spicy, because good thing Johanna dilute the remaining of the sauce in a little water. Thanks Johanna for cooking the instant Tteokbokki.

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