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Elait’s Rolled Icecream!

This icecream shop serves rolled icecream with toppings ranging from fruits to even toasted marshmallows and cheese! But there’s one thing I found out about Elait, icecream shop that captivated my heart. Find out here.

I love marshmallows in my shake, and in my icecream too. I love chewing this bouncy fluffy texture in my mouth. But toasting it and partnering it with cheese and Elait’s gray colored icecream is heaven in my mouth! If you’re curious of the color, well it’s color gray because it’s made of activated coco charcoal. It’s flavor is sweet and earthy and I love that there’s chunks of marshmallows blended to the icecream too.  If you are picky about your milk or dairy, you could choose either custard or yogurt for all their icecream.


My friend Pam enjoyed her Strawberry Mango Cheesecake too!!!

She was the one who recommended this shop to me. But more than the icecream, she shared to me that the Elait staff in SM San Lazaro does not speak and only use sign language. I learned that Elait partnered with our dear brothers and sisters who are deaf.


Before Pam invited me to this icecream shop, we had this conversation:

Pam: Jem, do you want to learn sign language?

Jem: Why Pam?

Pam: It just came to mind Jem.

Then we went to Elait ice cream shop, and that’s when she revealed her real reason to learning sign language. Pam’s heart got captivated and she brought me to a sudden realization.

During elementary days, I was told to memorize the alphabet of sign language. We have that in our student handbook/diary. That time, I was young then, and I couldn’t appreciate having to learn sign language ‘cos for me there’s no use to it back then.

But now, I realized that learning it is a gift. To be able to communicate to our deaf brothers and sisters, and see them work in this awesome jobs, I felt blessed to live in this inclusive society. Thanks Elait!

Thanks for reading!

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