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Ramen Kuroda : Barikara, their spiciest!

Aka Ramen as featured in this picture, is my go to spicy ramen in Ramen Kuroda but there’s a new, spicier version of it called: Barikara. See how it looks and read more about it here.

Before we jump to  Barikara. Let me introduced you Aka Ramen as pictured above. This order of Aka Ramen already includes one half egg, and one pork slice but you may request for additional add-ons, like what I did.

When I eat the noodles, what I do is before every slurp, I swish the noodles thoroughly in the soup so the flavor holds to the noodle. I tried other ramen in other restaurants, and the letdown there is, the sauce doesn’t hold to the noodle.

There’s a lot of soup in one ramen bowl, and you could request for extra noodles for your ramen satisfaction.

I remember Ramen Kuroda had unlimited noodle promo, way back. I wonder, when will they introduced that back again.

IMG_3175 (2).JPG

My Trafalgar Law-looking Jemboy tried their newest ramen: Barikara Ramen. It was their spiciest ramen ( more spicy than Aka Ramen) When that order came, it went with a small cup of chili oil. But, I think there’s no need for that as the soup is quite spicy already. There’s a hint of garlic flavor, and there’s already chili oil infused in the soup.


Jemboy find the noodles’ texture a little hard for his liking. But he enjoyed the spiciness of the soup. He was comparing it to a chili oil he was craving way back. He tasted my Aka Ramen and he couldn’t tell the spicy flavor of it anymore, as Barikara already exceeds it.

I still love my Aka Ramen as I am not particularly fond of even just a hint garlic flavor in my ramen.


For our other side order, look at this beautiful Salmon Sashimi on a bed of thinly sliced radish and cucumber. Take note that to preserve the freshness of the Salmon Sashimi, Ramen Kuroda doesn’t allow takeouts for their sashimi.

That’s it for our Ramen Kuroda experience.

Thanks for reading!!

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