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Coco Ichibanya Greenhills Branch

I have tried lots of curry from different restaurants because there’s something about the taste of the sauce that makes me feel good. It’s savory and spicy, and it is in perfect combo with meat, egg, carrots, potatoes, sweet onion, red radish, and Japanese rice! The first time I ate curry in one restaurant, I find it sour for my liking, then one time I ate curry, I found the taste quite strong, then one time I ate curry, I found the meat quite rubbery while the vegetables quite uncooked. Yes, there are a lot of epic fail, but I always end up going back. Maybe because of the curry smell, or the aftertaste, or how good my body and mind feels after. And oh boy, the plating of Japanese Curry is always beautiful. Just like Coco Ichibanya’s beautiful and super neat restaurant in Greenhills.

Located in the busy side street of Greenhills mall where your window view are cars and pedestrian crossing the street, the atmosphere inside this restaurant is surprisingly calming. I actually expect I would smell that strong curry scattered all over the restaurant area like what I have experienced in one of their branches, but no, it’s not overwhelming.


The first food that was served is their soup of the day, Tomato soup with macaroni. The soup is of course, literally warming, but we were afraid the sourness of tomato would upset our stomach given it is our first meal of the day. That’s why we quickly ate our salad next for balance.


Our salad is in a cute mini bowl complete with lettuce, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, and sesame seeds. Jemboy and I decided that one of our salads has Japanese dressing, while the other has Sesame dressing. Japanese is vinaigrette, while Sesame is cream based.


Milk Tea was served too! Glad that Jemboy let me order Milk Tea because he is against it for me because of the presence of dairy. But I am just so eager to try Milk Tea’s Coco Ichibanya because it was served unusually.

In here, the milk, honey, and tea were served separately, and you’d be the one who will mix it all together!


Here’s Jemboy’s order of Hashed Beef Omelet. I asked him to slice the middle of the omelet like how I see on popular videos where the egg was perfectly sliced exposing smooth and creamy scrambled egg inside. But Jemboy hesitated and told me it could not be done in this particular dish.

Hashed Beef Omelet dish is quite simple. It includes Omelette, Japanese rice, bits of beef, and curry sauce. That’s it! What we found noticeable though is the super mild flavor of the sweet curry sauce.


Jemboy and I are both spicy lovers, so we were hoping that our next dish has that kick! And true enough, it has that. I order Pork Cutlet and Vegetables Curry, because as much as I am adventurous to food, most of the time, I still prefer the most common to my taste buds. I love that the Pork is super tender. When I order curry in other restaurants, I stay away from pork because it’s quite hard to chew. But now was different. I risk ordering it in Coco Ichibanya, and yes, I made the right choice!

Jemboy experimented with the sauce by combining Hashed Beef Omelet sauce, and Pork Cutlet and Vegetables Curry sauce. And wow! It was the perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness of the curry. I quickly exchange plates with him, and did what he experimented too!

By the way, the Japanese rice is quite new to us. It’s not the regular white rice, but it looked like the healthy version, but surprisingly delicious.

Also, on both curry dish, we requested ‘standard’ as the spice level. Despite requesting on equal spice level, we found that the level of spiciness were still different when the actual dish was tasted. Like the hashed beef has little to no spice, and the pork cutlet has the mild spicy kick.


We end our food trip with Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Ice cream with Fruits dessert! Actually we’re quite full and satisfied already that when the dessert came, our stomach’s literally quite stuffed.

That’s it for our food story.

Happy Tripjem!

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