Game and Toy Figure Shopping at Greenhills– March 2019 Edition – Trip Jem

Game and Toy Figure Shopping at Greenhills– March 2019 Edition

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Jemboy and I went to Greenhills Mall to look for One Piece World Seeker: Deluxe Edition (PS4) available. So, we canvass on two stores that we are familiar of, Databalitz and Gameone (both stores sell game console – related items).  Unfortunately, they were already out of stock, so we only bought One Piece World Seeker: Standard Edition. We opt not to purchase the Collector’s Edition, unlike our recent Jump Force: Collector’s Edition purchase, because of the figure included in One Piece World Seeker.  Even though there are two figures included: Gum-Gum Fruit and Monkey D. Luffy, we found it quite simple for our liking.

PS4 One Piece World Seeker

For more info about our One Piece Word Seeker: Standard Edition, you can look up to this URL:

PS4 One Piece World Seeker: Standard Edition

Instead of buying the Collector’s Edition, we roam around at Greenhills Mall to canvass for rare, inexpensive, but original collectible One Piece Figure to complement our One Piece World Seeker purchase.

Greenhills Mall is a famous place for toys, figures and other sorts of collection. Some of the stores do sell knockoff (K.O) or second party brands, but we always patronize original items. So, if you are a collector like us who are also looking in Greenhills for rare, inexpensive, knock off or original items, better go to V-Mall and Shoppesville which is also a part of Greenhills Mall.

After almost 3-4 hours of non-stop canvass around Greenhills toy stores, we found a Monkey D. Luffy figure. Actually, before we went to Greenhills, our mind is already set on a Monkey D. Luffy figure with three hats, but seeing another Monkey D. Luffy figure that look much better, we decided to forego on our previous option.

One Piece StoryAge Monkey D. Luffy

For more info about our Monkey D. Luffy figure you can look up to this URL:

One Piece Story-Age Monkey D. Luffy Figure

Of course, our Saturday date at Greenhills would not be complete without food trip! We have curry for brunch at Coco Ichibanya.

Coco Ichibanya Greenhills Branch

For our Coco Ichibanya food review, you can look up to this URL:

Coco Ichibanya Greenhills Branch

After Greenhills, we had a little side trip at SM East Ortigas. We went at Uniqlo to look for workout clothes. Unfortunately, their active wear isn’t available at that particular branch. Since I am gaining a lot of weight, and I wanted to be serious on my workout that includes intense running, I needed that particular workout clothes for body support. We went to Bench store instead and found one that suits.


Another side trip is my eye check up at Executive Optical. I found out I am nearsighted and my eye grade is 150. It has been years when I noticed that I am having a hard time seeing from a distance like for example, Jeepneys has to stop near me for seconds so I could clearly see the Jeepney signs/route, I have a hard time watching movies with subtitles from a distance too because it’s all blurry to me , but my vision is crystal clear when everything is up close. BUT, I was not advised to wear eyeglasses. Instead, I was advised to rest my eyes for a few minutes, do some eye blinking exercises, and hydrate. Due to my office work that requires long exposure in front of the computer, being nearsighted is normal.

For dinner, we have Sisig Hooray and our fave Dunkin Donut, Butternut and Choco Bavarian!

It was a 3-in-1 celebration by the way. That’s our Saturday hobby date, as well as Jemboy’s post- birthday celeb, and our advanced 6th Anniversary date together.


Happy Tripjem!

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