PS4 One Piece World Seeker: Standard Edition


Our new game finally in our hands “One Piece World Seeker: Deluxe Edition” on PS4.


Sadly, it’s out of stock. Still, we got the One Piece World Seeker but the standard edition, and we bought it in Greenhills.

Having high hopes for One Piece World Seeker Game. We were so excited when we saw the trailer.  Expecting tons of game features, hoping the game is available for two players, be able to use other characters aside from Monkey D. Luffy, and craving for the same fun and excitement we experienced as we played One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. As of now, it is early yet to give a detailed gameplay, as we still have a lot of lined up games, were we immersed ourselves.

Looking forward to this game!

Before you decide to buy and play, take a peek of One Piece World Seeker: Standard Edition PS4.


One Piece World Seeker: Early Purchase Bonus

  • Bathing Suit Outfit
  • Battle Outfit
  • Steaming Spa Mission
  • Strange Island Rocks Mission
  • Original Theme

For more info about One Piece World Seeker: Standard Edition, visit:

Bandai Namco: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/


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