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Fukurou Nihonryori’s Spicy Sashimi Salad

There was a time that I became conscious with the food I ate, that I ordered only salad for consecutive days. Good thing the restaurants, listed in Grab Food gave us a lot of options to choose from. That is where I discovered Fukurou Nihonryori. When I look for healthy food, I always end up with Japanese Food. My healthy staple for Japanese food would be salad, salmon sashimi, and miso soup.

It was a Eureka moment when I discovered Fukurou Nihonryori’s Spicy Sashimi Salad! Jemboy wasn’t into salad, so he would usually take at least one forkful of salad and then that’s it, but this Spicy Sashimi Salad is different. He exclaimed: this was the first time; I enjoyed a salad!

Thanks to the freshness of salmon sashimi as well as tuna sashimi, it was really a joy to eat. I was expecting thin and tiny pieces of sashimi but the serving here was bang for your buck. I compared that to my experience in ordering Sashimi in traditional and modern Japanese Restaurant in and out of Manila. Sashimi comes with a hefty price for just a few pieces of it, but with Fukurou Nihonryori’s Spicy Sashimi Salad, the sashimi shaped like rose included may look small, but when you start separating the pieces with your chopsticks, you realize there’s a lot and that you could sandwich one sashimi piece into your lettuce draped in their creamy, spicy sauce and salmon roe.

I love salmon more than tuna sashimi.  There are a lot of times that I give tuna sashimi a chance in different restaurants, but the strong tuna taste tend to disappoint. But because the sashimi of Fukurou Nihonryori is so fresh, the tuna included in the salad wasn’t bad at all.

Thanks to Fukurou Nihonryori, you inspire me to prepare this salad dish too. A simple dish, but healthily unforgettable!

Kudos to the chef at Fukurou Nihonryori in Pinnacle Plaza, Cainta. I read mixed reviews on different branches but this particular branch has excellent ratings. We really thought the chef, as well as the one who pick the food ingredients should be credited for this. Not just the sashimi, but the lettuce was all fresh too.

For this post, I just highlighted this guilt-free healthy dish which deserves 5 stars, but there’s more to the food menu of Fukurou Nihonryori than just this salad, and we will write a separate food review on it soon.

We haven’t tried to dine in there and we haven’t tried to experience their Teppanyaki, where in a chef will be cooking your meat, rice, and vegetables in a table-sized metal plate right in front of you.  We only have a glimpse of the modern looking restaurant when we passed by it while we were in the car. But hopefully, we could visit and experience the place ‘cos we are really happy and satisfied with the food!

Location : Pinnacle Plaza, Marcos Highway, Cainta Rizal

Opening and Closing Hours : 10 A.M. – 11 P.M.

For more of the latest updates about Fukurou Nihonryori, visit their Facebook page at:




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