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Romantic Baboy Delivery via Grab Food

Want to enjoy your Samgyeupsal at home? Romantic Baboy is now available for delivery via Grab Food. Our love for food and delivery never ends! Read our food story here.


It was 10 P.M. one Sunday night, when Jemboy was in the mood in re-organizing our gaming space. I, on the other hand, performed my yoga and core workout customized by my Jemboy. We spent the night quite busy with those activities that we almost skip a meal.


Good thing, online delivery apps such as Grab is always to the rescue, saving us time to prepare and cook, and has a lot of restaurant options to choose from to satisfy our cravings in an instant.

Then I saw Romantic Baboy in the Grab Food App. At first I was hesitant whether they really deliver their food. I know how busy and how long the queue is in this unlimited Samgyeupsal restaurant. And I was wondering if there was something wrong: was it really for delivery, or was it just a dine-in voucher?

But we took the risk for the sake of cravings.

And hooray! We were very much delighted with our food experience with Romantic Baboy delivered via Grab Food App.

We ordered Bulgogi Beef and Curry Beef. Both meat laying on a bed of lettuce.

The meat was delivered still hot and tender despite it being delivered all the way from Antipolo to Jemboy’s place in Cainta. And the meat servings?

Unbelievable-ly huge! We couldn’t ask for more!

Jemboy and I had this fun little conversation about it:

“Baby, did we order unli meat? ‘Cos I already ate a lot and I felt our meat here lasts forever. We were eating for hours now. ” And then Jemboy jokingly agreed!

With regards to the taste, Bulgogi beef tastes mildly sweet while the Curry beef has that hint of umami than the bulgogi beef which i like.


We also ordered Kimchi Fried Rice with fried egg and chunks of kimchi included. Jemboy was careful too with the amount of carbs I ate so he let me eat a little bit of it. But how did I enjoy that little bit of rice? Samgyeupsal lovers out there, I know you know! enjoying it with a Lettuce Wrap!


Romantic Baboy was generous in giving free lettuce that they gave us two tubs of lettuce for free!


There are four sauces included too:

  • Gochujang or that red colored mildly chili sauce
  • Samjang or that thick orange colored with garlic bits, milder than Gochujang
  • Sesame oil with Salt
  • Vinegar with sugar

To fully enjoy the mix of flavor, what we did is in a lettuce, we put in kimchi rice, kimchi chunks, and then we put in all 4 sauces, and finally we cover it with the meat before we wrap or roll our lettuce. Finally, open your mouth wide enough and eat the lettuce wrap fully!

It’s a joy to eat because there’s spicy, sour, savory, but fresh factor. Again, we really couldn’t ask for more!


Location : Xentro Mall, Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Rizal

Opening and Closing Hours : 11 A.M. – 2 AM.

For more of the latest updates about Romantic Baboy, visit their Facebook page at:

That’s it for our food story.

Happy Tripjem!

’til next time,

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